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Steele Memorial Invitational II (SWATA)

High school tournament on October 13, 2018

Host location: Honaker High School

Address: Honaker, Virginia 24260

As part of the SWATA circuit, this tournament was only open to teams from the following counties of Virginia: Lee, Wise, Scott, Washington, Smyth, Dickenson, Buchanan, Russell, Tazewell, Bland, Grayson, Caroll, and Wythe, including the independent cities of Norton and Galax.

This tournament was a mirror of the Fort Osage Novice Set IV.

We played a 10-team round robin, with round 10 reserved for tiebreaking matches between teams that finished the first 9 rounds with the same record. Those tiebreaker matches were for 1st (Grundy A v. Lebanon A) and 5th (Richlands B v. Richlands A) places. All other matches in Round 10 were scrimmages; Round 10 results are not reflected in final record unless they were tiebreaker matches.

Final Results:
1. Grundy A (9-1)
2. Lebanon A (8-2)
3. Grundy C (7-2)
4. Castlewood A (6-3)
5. Richlands B (6-4)
6. Richlands A (5-5)
7. Virginia High (3-6)
8. Grundy B (2-7)
9. Lebanon B (1-8)
10. Castlewood B (0-9)

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