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Where to look for National History Bee & Bowl HS tournaments

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:31 pm
by Great Bustard
Greetings, Coaches and Teams. I am excited to announce the beginning of the new high school tournament season for The National History Bee and Bowl. See the recent post in the NHBB forum, as well as our websites at and for more information. For those who are unaware of what our tournaments are like, please peruse the websites for more information; our past high school questions are also maintained at

Unlike many other single-subject academic competitions, NHBB sees itself as very much a part of the quizbowl community. Our questions are written exclusively by experienced quizbowl players and hold to high standards of fairness, breadth, pyramidality, and interest. Additionally, the broad distribution of our questions ensures that most players on a standard quizbowl team can enjoy competing in our tournaments, as the history of all subjects forms an integral part of our tournaments. The majority of teams who compete at our tournaments are standing quizbowl teams, and we hope that you and your team will join us this year as well.

Please note, however, that unlike most other quizbowl tournaments, NHBB events are not announced on this forum. That is for two reasons. First, we are likely to have over 100 tournaments around the USA this year, and we do not want to flood this forum with individual announcements. Secondly, each NHBB tournament site has its own page at (or just click on the dots on the map). We list registered and interested schools, the name of the Tournament Director and host school, the Tournament Logistics Coordinator and their email, the event times, and the set of questions each tournament uses.

The list of tournaments and their status is updated continually at throughout the year. Please check here to see which of our tournaments may be near you and of interest to your team. We will have 3 different sets this year; A, B, and C. A is slightly more challenging than B, and B is slightly more challenging than C, but all should be accessible to almost any quizbowl team. You can play at any site you want, including out of state, but you can only play each set once, of course.

To register for the History Bowl, please visit Registration typically closes 48 hours prior to a tournament; please contact me if you wish to sign up after that window for any event; it may still be possible. Our sister competition, the National History Bee, which is for individual students, does not require advance registration, nor does the US Geography Olympiad National Qualifying Exam (though you can do so at and if you need an invoice). Both of these are also contested at all of our high school tournaments. Finally, please note that while middle schoolers and their teams are welcome at all high school events this year, we do not anticipate having separate divisions for middle school teams; instead, they will play mixed in with JV teams (i.e. all 10th graders and younger) on almost all occasions. We will have a separate set of middle school History Bowl tournaments, and another middle school national championships, this year, so not to worry.

Thanks for your interest in NHBB, and we hope to see you at one of our tournaments soon!

Re: Where to look for National History Bee & Bowl HS tournaments

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:06 am
by Great Bustard
As of October 18, all high school level standard NHBB tournaments have been added to the Tournament Database at: As the remaining 25 or so tournaments get scheduled, they'll be added there as well. Right now we're on pace to have about 105 standard high school level tournaments this year in the USA.