Secret City Classic @ ORHS 10/21/17

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Secret City Classic @ ORHS 10/21/17

Post by EastTNQuizbowl » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:24 am

Greetings All!!

East Tennessee Quiz Bowl, in association with Oak Ridge and Union County High Schools, is proud to announce the first annual Secret City Classic to be held on the campus of Oak Ridge High School on Saturday, October 21!!

Questions will be provided by NAQT (set TBD), and we hope to cap the field at 40 teams. We will initially limit the number of teams from each school to two. We will consider allowing additional teams from schools who wish to bring more, however we want to ensure that the greatest number of schools have the opportunity to compete. Those schools interested in more than two teams will be automatically wait listed.

All registration is on a first come, first served basis.

The fee structure is as follows:

Base fee: $85 per team
$ -10 per extra team (Max of 2)
$ - 5 per (preferably functioning) buzzer system (Max of 2)
$ - 5 per volunteer (readers, scorekeepers, runners, etc.)
$ -10 for teams who travel at least 150 miles (per Google Maps)

If there is enough demand, we will consider making lunch available on site for a reasonable price. Additionally, there are a variety of dining options 5 minutes from the tournament site.

Please direct questions and registration info to Feel free to share this post with other potentially interested teams.


J.D. Rollins and Parker T. Jarnigan
East Tennessee Quizbowl
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