Southside Holiday Tournament Dec 8, 2018 (Greenville, SC) PSACA 2

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Southside Holiday Tournament Dec 8, 2018 (Greenville, SC) PSACA 2

Post by bcorbett » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:29 pm

Southside High School in Greenville, SC would like to invite everyone to our tournament on December 8, 2018. We will be using a PSACA 2 and will be offering discounts for schools that bring their own buzzer systems ($10) as well as those that bring multiple teams. Registration is $60 per team ($50 for each additional team) and lunch will be offered onsite with $5 meal tickets.

The packet distribution is 4/4 literature, 4/4 history, 4/4 science, 1/1 math, 2/2 fine arts, 3/3 RMP, geography, and social sciences, 1/1 current events, 1/1 popular culture, and 2/2 mixed or more academic material. Please note the math does not include computation.

Interested teams should fill out the following form:

Rounds will consist of 20 TU. We will do powers, but no negs, and will bounce bonuses.

Look forward to seeing everyone there! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
Brian Corbett, PhD
Southside High Greenville, SC

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