Mountain Vista Governor's School Open III

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Mountain Vista Governor's School Open III

Post by Skr121 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:02 pm

Happy to announce the second annual Mountain Vista Governor's School Open in Warrenton, Virginia will take place January 26, 2019. We have a snow-day plan of Feb. 2, 2019.

Affiliation: NAQT
Question Set: We will be using the NAQT Invitational Series # 182A.
Format: Our field cap is currently 30 teams. Everyone is guaranteed at least 10 rounds of competition. A trophy will be given to first place.
Time: 9AM until roughly 4pm, with a lunch break.
PACE Gold Qualification: Top 20% of teams are invited to the PACE nationals.

Here's the link:

Registration and Fees:
Base Fee: $60 per team, and students need not be from one school to play. Since we are a governor's school, there are students who are affiliated with the governor's school and base schools. No player may be on more than 1 team's roster. All players must be between kindergarten and 12th grade in order to be eligible to play.
Buzzer Discount: $10 per fully functioning (8 working buzzers) system you bring
Moderators: $10 per competent moderator
Distance Discount: $10 Teams traveling greater than 150 miles one way
Minimum Fee: $40

TEAM & ROSTER SIZE: There may be a maximum of six players on one team's roster, up to four of whom may play at one time. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If you bring more than six players, you must register a second team to have all of them play. There is a halftime substitution opportunity in each game. Each player may appear on only one team's roster throughout the day-no switching from the B team to the A team, etc. Teams may also play shorthanded with only two players.

Lunch can be ordered on site or teams can head into Warrenton for a veritable cornucopia of options.

If you have any questions or wish to register, please feel free to contact Bperez (at) mvgshome (dot) org. Please specify number of teams/working buzzers/ moderators, and a cell phone number for a coach/sponsor for the day of the tournament.

BASIS 2/0/0
Culpeper HS 2/1/1
New Horizons Gov school 3/1/1
Kettle Run 3/1/0
Washington Latin 3/0/0
Nansemond River HS 2/1/0
North Stafford 1/0/0
Commonwealth Governor's School 3/4/0
RM 2/3/0
Osbourn HS 1/0/0
NKA 2/1/0
Maggie Walker 2/0/0
TC WIlliams 1/1/0
Fort Defiance 2/1/0
Bishop O'Connell 1/1/0

Total so far: 30/15/2
-Benny Perez
Mountain Vista Governor's School
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