FACTS, A CSW and TJ Housewrite/Packet Submission

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FACTS, A CSW and TJ Housewrite/Packet Submission

Postby insohumniac » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:19 pm

The Charter School of Wilmington (Wilmington, DE) and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, VA) are pleased to announce the Fall Academic Charter and TJ Set (FACTS), a housewritten/packet submission-based, high school regular-plus difficulty set for the upcoming school year. 10 rounds of the set will be written by members of the TJ and Charter Academic Bowl teams, with the remaining rounds accepted as submissions to the set on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage teams to collaborate on packets and may merge submissions if we receive too many.

This set will consist of 16 rounds of 20 power-marked tossups, each 6-7 lines (favoring lengths closer to 6) of 10 point Times New Roman font, as well as 20 three-part bonuses, with no more than 2 lines per part. Each round will also include one tiebreaker tossup and bonus, drawn from either History, Literature or Science.

Literature in this set will be edited by Shrayus Sortur (currently Georgetown University and formerly of Wilmington Charter), History and Geography will be edited by Jakob Myers (currently Michigan State University and formerly of Naperville North), Social Science and RMP will be edited by Clark Smith (currently Dublin Scioto), and Science and Fine Arts will be edited by Ryan Golant (currently Princeton University and formerly of TJ), who will also serve as the head editor of this set.

The distribution for this set will be as follows:

History (4.0/4.0):
    American (1.0/1.0)
    World (1.0/1.0)
    European/British/Ancient (2.0/2.0)
Literature (4.0/4.0):
    American (1.0/1.0)
    European (1.0/1.0)
    British (1.0/1.0)
    World/Ancient/Misc. (1.0/1.0)
Science (4.0/4.0):
    Biology (1.0/1.0)
    Chemistry (1.0/1.0)
    Physics (1.0/1.0)
    Math (non-computational)/Computer Science/Other (1.0/1.0)
Fine Arts (3.0/3.0):
    Painting/Drawing + Sculpture (1.0/1.0)
    Auditory Classical (1.0/1.0)
    Audiovisual (opera, ballet, film) + Other Art (jazz, photography, performance art, etc.) (1.0/1.0)
Social Sciences (economics, psychology, anthropology, etc.) (0.5/0.5)
RMP (2.5/2.5):
    Religion (1.0/1.0)
    Mythology (1.0/1.0)
    Philosophy (0.5/0.5)
Trash (0.5/0.5)
Current Events (0.5/0.5)
Geography (1.0/1.0)

The set will be available for mirroring after 28th of October until a week before NAQT HSNCT. The mirror fee will be $10 per non-house team that plays the set. For high schools that have not hosted a tournament within the past 5 years, the fee will be lowered to $8 per non-house team. For hosts mirroring FACTS, there will be no fee applied to teams receiving a discount.

Teams whose packets are accepted and used in the final set will receive various discounts, which will increase if the packet is accepted for use earlier. We will offer a 60% discount off of the total fee to teams which submit an acceptable packet before midnight on August 31st, 40% for teams that submit packets by the deadline, and 20% for packets which require extensive editing. We may close packet submission for this set if we receive more than necessary, and we will provide an update in the form of a reply on this thread in that event. The base fee for registration will be $80 at the main sites of this tournament, so a team submitting a completed packet (including powermarks and writing credits) before August 31st can expect to pay at most $32 for registration at either site, as long as the packet is of an acceptable quality. Teams should also note that we are extending these discounts to any team which attends a mirror of the set. We may send incomplete or insufficient packets back to their respective teams for improvements if need be, just note that in such a case, the discount may be modified depending on when the team resubmits their packet.

Regarding packet submission, up to three teams or schools can collaborate on a single packet to submit for use in this set. If you, your team, or your collaborators would like to submit a packet, please do so before midnight of September 30th by emailing us at mirrors.facts@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, feel free to email mirrors.facts@gmail.com.
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Re: FACTS, A CSW and TJ Housewrite/Packet Submission

Postby jdpasspawn » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:58 pm

I would definitely be interested in playing/writing a packet if a mirror was within driving distance
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Re: FACTS, A CSW and TJ Housewrite/Packet Submission

Postby CommerceGAQuizcats » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:17 am

We would love to mirror this event in Georgia on March 17th. Private message me if you like.
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Re: FACTS, A CSW and TJ Housewrite/Packet Submission

Postby insohumniac » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:45 am

We are pleased to announce that FACTS is currently being mirrored at the following sites:

Charter School of Wilmington, (DE) (main mirror #1) --> January 27th, 2018
Westview High School, San Diego, (CA) --> February, 2018
High Technology High School, (Lincroft, NJ) --> February 24th, 2018
Commerce High School, (GA) --> March 17th, 2018
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, (Alexandria, VA) (main mirror #2) --> March 24th, 2018
Ladue High School, St. Louis, (MO) --> April 7th, 2018
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (IL) --> April 21st, 2018
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