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ATHENA II Available for 2018-2019

PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:31 pm
by 19.prasadm
Hello everyone!

The Girls in Quizbowl Committee is pleased to announce the 1st entirely house written set of ATHENA (ATHENA II) will be available for high school tournament mirrors starting September 8th, 2018 and until May 18, 2019. The set will also be used for a tournament hosted in March of 2019 by Lexington High School in MA (another post will be made for that).

The set is a widely collaborative effort and will be head edited by Megha Prasad, with editing and writing help from a multitude of sources namely; Athena Kern, Jakob Myers, Chloe Levine, Piper Winkler, Anna Cambron, James Park, Talia Blatt, Anishka Bandara, Katherine Enright, Brian Kalathiveetil, Kevin Kodama, Caroline Mao, and Clark Smith.

Set Details

ATHENA will contain 14 power-marked packets of regular difficulty tossups and bonuses. Excluding bolding for power, tossups will be on average 6 lines in 10 point Times News Roman. Each round will come with one extra tossup and bonus from history, science or literature to act as tiebreakers.
A dedicated portion of the distribution for this set will be devoted to topics regarding the history and achievement of women, though conscious effort has been made throughout to clue as much as possible from women and minorities in every question where this is feasible.
The distribution will be as follows:

4/4 Literature
1/1 American Literature
1/1 British Literature
1/1 European Literature (including Russian)
1/1 Ancient*, World, and Misc. Literature
4/4 History
1/1 American History
2/2 British, European, and Ancient* History
(at least 0.5/0.5, but no more than 1/1 of any round will be Ancient History)
1/1 World History
4/4 Science
1/1 Biology
1/1 Chemistry
1/1 Physics
0.5/0.5 Math and Computer Science
0.5/0.5 Other Science
3/3 Fine Arts
1/1 Painting and Sculpture
1/1 Classical Music
0.5/0.5 Other Visual Arts (including but not limited to architecture, photography, film, and performance art)
0.5/0.5 Other Auditory Arts (including but not limited to opera, dance, and jazz)
3/3 Thought and Beliefs
2/2 Religious Practices and Religious Mythologies (with Texts, Legends, and other Folklore)
1/1 Philosophy, Social Science, and General Thought
1/1 Geography and Modern World
1/1 Popular Culture

*”Ancient” for the purposes of this tournament will mean “anything before 600 AD / CE”; likewise, “World” will mean “anything that isn’t from Europe or the United States.”

Like HFT, the popular culture content in ATHENA will seek to focus more on “cultural relevance” and “semi-academic interest” rather than “trash.”


We are actively seeking mirrors, and would love to hear any and all requests!
The mirror fee will be $15 dollars per non-house team, but this rate is negotiable.A running list of mirrors and desired geographic sites will be maintained in the post below. Contact 19prasadm AT gmail DOT com ( for any questions regarding mirroring ATHENA. After HSNCT 2019, the set will be uploaded to the archive for teams to use as practice material for HSNCT and PACE if they so wish.

Looking forward to hearing from you!