Contesting Statistics After a Tournament

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Contesting Statistics After a Tournament

Postby dragonx47 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:10 am

I'm not totally sure if this is the right forum to post this question in.

In any case, our school recently hosted a tournament and posted stats for it. After they'd been posted for a couple of days, a student contacted me stating that she had been marked for a neg during a certain round, when it had in fact been her teammate that negged. When I dug up the scoresheet for that round, however, it had her marked down as having negged, and not her teammate.

Although I am inclined to believe her, at the same time it seems like this could easily be abused. Additionally, at the end of the each round, each team was asked verbally if they accepted the final score, and invited to sign off on the scoresheet, although the teams appear to have left before signing off for the match in question. I was wondering if in general there is a rule/convention that if a team leaves the room and proceeds to the next round, that that indicates it has chosen to accept the results indicated on the scoresheet. I was also wondering what other tournament directors have done in similar situations.
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Re: Contesting Statistics After a Tournament

Postby Skepticism and Animal Feed » Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:15 am

If you look at post-tournament discussion threads on this forum, there are often one or two people asking for corrections. Moderators and stats people are fallible creatures who often make mistakes.

My attitude is: if you care so much about your personal statistics that you are willing to expend the energy to send an email or make a post asking for a correction, you need to rethink your life. Personal stats are not that important. However, if you as a TD have been asked to make a minor correction, and have literal proof that the correction should be made, but you don't want to because of some weird estoppel argument based on a premise that in no way reflects the reality of how tournaments are conducted, you too should rethink your life.
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Re: Contesting Statistics After a Tournament

Postby t-bar » Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:34 am

Skepticism and Animal Feed wrote:and have literal proof that the correction should be made

If I'm reading right it's actually the opposite situation here--the scorekeeper's record of the game disagrees with what the player is saying, so the OP's quandary is based on a conflict of evidence rather than a reluctance to change the stats.

I think it's up to you. As a player, I certainly wouldn't expect a stats change for something as minor as a single neg. On the other hand, scorekeeping errors can and do happen. This is a pretty small correction to ask for, too--it doesn't change the game score, for example, or the team's bonus conersion.
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Re: Contesting Statistics After a Tournament

Postby Cody » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:36 pm

My policy (and a common policy among statskeepers) is that the scoresheet has the final say.

This is not to say that scorekeepers don't make mistakes, or that you can't correct mistakes that the scoresheet does not corroborate. But I would want some independent corroboration from a teammate.
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Re: Contesting Statistics After a Tournament

Postby Irreligion in Bangladesh » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:38 pm

dragonx47 wrote:Additionally, at the end of the each round, each team was asked verbally if they accepted the final score, and invited to sign off on the scoresheet, although the teams appear to have left before signing off for the match in question.

This particular feature has been used on occasion at tournament I've moderated or coached; in every case, the signers did their due diligence in agreeing with the final score, but I've never seen a coach look over the individual stats to be sure they agreed with those as well. (Caveat: a lot of those games with required signatures were at Masonic Sectionals & State, where individual stats aren't kept anyway.) So, I wouldn't use this rule as a grounds for denying the change. (Not that you're saying you are, of course.)

I agree with Cody - if I were TDing and statskeeping for a tournament and had this particular situation come up, I'd leave the scoresheet as-is, unless the teammate also e-mailed, I suppose. In general, because it's a very minor stats fix, "leaving as-is" isn't going to ruin anyone's day. If this got into "the final score was wrong and the win/loss outcome needs to change" territory, then we're talking about e-mailing coaches & the moderator to figure it out.
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