Request for sticky of software list

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Request for sticky of software list

Post by UlyssesInvictus » Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:49 am

This is a x-post of an idea I proposed in one of the Theory posts when someone asked about spreadsheets. I think it would be a good idea to have a regularly updated sticky at the top of this subforum containing links and brief descriptions of all the completed (or mostly completed) software and software-like tools (i.e. spreadsheets or tips for using spreadsheets/word/pdfs). The wiki page ( ... #Questions) is not up-to-date at all, even by a cursory glance at the most recent posts in this subforum.

At the minimum, it would be great if people regularly updated that wiki page, which I want to do once my wiki account gets created. But I propose having a sticky anyway, either a link-to or simple recreation of the wiki page, since I don't think the wiki is nearly as well known as the forums.

Additionally, I want to request that if someone has already gotten a running list going that is pseudo-recent, that they post it here for public reuse or to possible base the sticky on. I would have no idea otherwise, but it seems entirely possible people have created or discovered tools that don't exist in the forums.

My original post can be found below.
UlyssesInvictus wrote:It seems like great tools are continually being created and then recreated as the threads disappear. Is there a sticky that can be made of all the free tools that people have created over time? These spreadsheets, Quinterest (and like the two other question databases I can't remember), the various online buzzers, Protobowl (yes, even Protobowl counts). Perhaps there's already one in the wiki? I suppose the software subforum sort of serves this role, but a single sticky with a collated list of links and brief descriptions would be enormously helpful. I imagine more diligent souls have already been compiling such lists--could someone even just post that list and a moderator could sticky it?

Besides clutter, I don't really see a reason not to have some kind of sticky like this.

EDIT: Disregard all that--there is a nicely updated page in the wiki! I do wonder if it's worth having the sticky anyways, because many people don't know about the wiki.

EDIT 2: Upon closer examination, the wiki isn't as updated as would be optimal. I've requested an account so I can update the page, but it increases my convictions that a regularly updated sticky in the forums be created.
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