Announcement: SHAWARMA II (visual movies) [winter 2019]

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Announcement: SHAWARMA II (visual movies) [winter 2019]

Post by Beast Mode » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:18 pm

Since we already have FILM and Chomping Down at Shoney's running in August, and BUMPY II running in the fall, I think we're pretty set on film side events for the rest of 2018, and I'm therefore announcing SHAWARMA II for the 2019 winter semester. I'd love for this to be run as part of what's become the annual weekend of quiz bowl accompanying a spring open (and Jacob Reed has kindly penciled it in for the Yale mirror of PIANO), but it'll be ready by January 19 (which seems to be the first weekend of college quiz bowl in 2019). It'll be completely free to play (i.e. hosts won't owe me any money, and aren't to charge players any money).


If you never played it, SHAWARMA I was a visual tournament I wrote in 2015 about movies I like from 1991 to the present. SHAWARMA II is the sequel (prequel?), covering movies I like from before 1991.


-The gameplay of SHAWARMA II will be much the same as the gameplay of SHAWARMA I (8 slides per regulation tossup, slide backgrounds of various colors, 1-slide joke tiebreakers on movies I dislike, etc.), except that this time there will be 7 packets of 15 tossups each. Of course, hosts don't have to run this as a ladder if they don't want to or it doesn't work for their mirror.

-Each round has the following chronological distribution:
  • 3 tossups on movies from pre-1951
  • 3 tossups on movies from 1951-1960
  • 3 tossups on movies from 1961-1970
  • 3 tossups on movies from 1971-1980
  • 3 tossups on movies from 1981-1990
  • 1 joke/tiebreaker tossup on a movie from any year pre-1991
-I think my tastes are known by now. Nearly all the movies in this tournament are American, and they get generally trashier as we get closer to 1991. However, every round has one foreign film tossup, and a good balance of genres among the American films. As with SHAWARMA I, the name of this tournament belies the fact that these are mostly mainstream films.

-There are no repeats with TAMIL, The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes, or BUMPY I. I'll try to play BUMPY II this fall and make sure there are no repeats with that set.

-I don't think any tossups this time around merit a warning to players under 17. EDIT: I lied. One tossup I've written displays a four-letter word, and a tossup I have yet to write may end up containing a comic bare backside (akin to the "archbishop's bottom" scene from Johnny English). Consider yourselves warned.

-I'm once again making some answerlines more generous than those of a real quiz bowl tournament, and empowering moderators to pile on their own generosity.


I'm back in New York City these days, and I know of a couple people here interested in playtesting SHAWARMA II. I'm hoping to do so by mid-December, but early January may end up working better. If you're in the NYC area and want to join, email me. I'll be back in Ann Arbor around Christmas and New Year's, so you can also email me if you'll be in southeast Michigan then and want to playtest the set there.


I'll edit this post from time to time with updates on the set's progress. As of October 1, it's 60% done.

To ask questions about the set, request the set for a mirror, or give feedback:

Email me at saul [dot] hankin [at] gmail [dot] com to request the set. You can also email me with questions and feedback, or post here if your concern is one that others might have (and doesn't spoil answers).
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Re: Announcement: SHAWARMA II (visual movies) [winter 2019]

Post by funkdaddio » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:51 am

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