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List of NSC (2018) Side Events

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:10 pm
by UlyssesInvictus
This is a hub for the announced and/or putative side events at the 2018 NSC. Please post if you have any more information about these side events (a main thread, for instance), or believe that I'm missing one:

Event | Subject | Day/Time | Chance of Running
Acronym | Pop Culture | Undecided | Unknown
GMX: Soul of a Planet | Geography | Undecided | Unknown
WORLDSTAR | World History | Undecided | Unknown
FILM | Film/Movies | Undecided | Maybe
Historature | Listory (History+Lit) | Undecided | Actively gauging interest
SOUNDTRACK | Audio (Pop Culture) | Undecided | Likely?

If enough of these side events all start running, I'll make a spreadsheet where people can sign up as well.

I'll keep this thread updated, but please keep in mind that there may be some delay.

(Yes, compared to the HSNCT list, this is much more up in the air. Please help me coordinate info in this thread!)

There is a corresponding HSNCT side-events here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20994