Freelancers needed for 2004-05 WVWC events

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Freelancers needed for 2004-05 WVWC events

Post by AKKOLADE » Fri Jul 16, 2004 1:31 am

The West Virginia Wesleyan College Academic Team is looking for freelancers for the upcoming quiz bowl season. These are the freelancing opportunities available for four separate tournaments we will be hosting, target audience, dates, and question needs per round included:

Bobcat Bowl 3, 6th-9th graders, 10/23/2004, 20 toss-ups
Wesleyan's Trash Intramural Tournament, WVWC students, November-ish, 20/20 with powers
Bobcat Academic Team Tournament 2: BATT 2 BATT, 9th-12th graders, 1/29/2005, mACF (20 toss-ups, 20 bonuses)
Bobcat Bowl 3.5/WV Middle School State Championship (TBD), 6th-9th graders, 3/12/2005, 20 toss-ups

In each case, 16 rounds of questions are needed (though more will be gladly accepted). Middle school questions are preferred to be 2 to 3 sentences in length and pyramidal, with the sole exception being computational math questions. For high school and trash questions, their length should range from 3 to 5 sentences, with the exception again being computational math questions.

If you send in a round of questions for a tournament or an equivalent number of questions from a selected number of subject areas, you will receive all of the other rounds from that tournament in return. If you send in more than a round, further reimbursement will be negotiated with you, possibly including that of the financial variety (depending on our treasurer's mood).


Middle School - Distribution has changed
3 History
3 Literature
3 Science
2 Geography
2 Math questions (computational or non)
2 Religion/Mythology/Philosophy
1 Current Events
1 Fine Arts
1 Popular Culture, non-sports
1 Sports
1 extra, whether from the above categories or an unlisted area

High School
3/3 History
3/3 Literature
3/3 Science
2/2 Religion/Mythology/Philosophy
1/1 Current Events
1/1 Geography
1/1 Mathematics
1/1 Musical Arts
1/1 Popular Culture, non-sports
1/1 Sports
1/1 Visual Arts
2/2 extra, whether from the above categories or an unlisted area (though limit distribution to 1 extra per category)

Trash Intramural

Music (artists, albums, songs, etc.) 3/3
Movies (both films and their personnel) 3/3
Television (limit Simpsons to 1/1 max, please) 3/3
Sports (includes such debatable events as car/horse racing, pro wrestling, and competitive eating) 3/3
Trashy "publications" (magazines, tabloids, comic books/strips, Websites, etc.) 2/2
Board/Video Games and Toys 1/1
2/2 From the "Big Four" (Music/Movies/TV/Sports)
The remaining 3/3 can come from any other category (with a max of 1/1 per), including, but not limited to:
Food and Beverage
Weird Ass America (trashy landmarks)
Other Trashy Things

These guidelines are all variable; if you wish to bump a category up/down 1/1, that's fine. Also, please keep in mind this is just a intramural tournament that will likely drag in more hung over frat boys than your stereotypical trash player; as such, don't make the stuff too old (try to keep it in a 20 year old's knowledge range) or too obscure. And per the usual on the circuit, please spread out the questions' time period and subjects with in their categories - don't do 3/3 on '80s rap, don't do a load of questions based on '50s subject material, etc.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these tournaments, please e-mail me at , contact me over AIM (screen name: lolwtfomgbbq), or in response to this post if the previous two methods do not work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Fred Morlan
VP of Hosting, WVWC Academic Team
Fred Morlan
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