State of the board

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State of the board

Post by theMoMA » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:25 am

Hey everyone,

Since I'm serving as the chief admin for the board in the coming year, I'd like to discuss the state of the board. I think we're doing as well as we ever have at promoting our stated purpose: "discussion of quizbowl with an eye towards expanding and improving quizbowl on all levels." We try to strike a balance between this board as "tool to facilitate online quizbowl discussion" and "discussion space that corresponds to real-life interactions," and I think we're mostly succeeding. The outgoing chief admin, Jeff Hoppes, has a lot to do with that, and we all owe him a big thanks. I hope to follow the excellent example that Jeff has set.

Please use the subforum I have created (it should be visible near the top of the board index under the "Rules and important information" heading) to give general feedback about the state of the board: rules, policies, the moderating crew, or anything else board related. Unless our talk is still going strong, I will lock it two weeks from now. I will lock this forum a month from now at the latest. This is a global announcement across the board, which I have locked because it doesn't appear in the subforum. Use the thread/s in the subforum to discuss.

I'll remind everyone of this rule: "A staff decision or lack thereof may be discussed by private e-mail to any staff member, but may not be discussed on the board itself." So if you're upset or curious about a specific moderator decision, feel free to email me, but this thread is not the place for that discussion. I'll allow the use of specific moderator decisions to discuss general trends about the board, but I will cut off any discussion that spills over from "discussing general board policies" to "complaining about specific moderator decisions."

If you'd like to discuss something that you don't feel is appropriate for a public forum, please email me. My contact information is in my hsqb profile.
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