2017 PACE NSC: June 10-11, Chicago

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Re: 2017 PACE NSC: June 10-11, Chicago

Post by jonpin » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:09 pm

None of the 20/20 format records were broken, but we do have a number of top-ten performances that are to be commended:
Most stolen bonus points: IMSA 110 (Round 5 v Mountain Lakes, t-8th)
Most tossups answered: La Jolla 19 (Round 4 v Hannibal); Naperville North 19 (Round 6 v Olentangy Liberty)
Superplayoff PPG: Detroit Catholic Central A 488.6 (5th)
Superplayoff powers per game: Barrington 6.29 (t-8th)
Individual PPG, prelims: Clark Smith 154.29 (Dublin Scioto, 10th)
Individual powers per game, prelims: Matthew Lehmann 4.57 (Barrington, 9th); Clark Smith 4.43 (Dublin Scioto, t-10th); Jakob Myers 4.43 (Naperville North, t-10th)
Individual PPG, superplayoffs: Clark Smith 112.86 (Dublin Scioto, 7th)
Individual powers per game, superplayoffs: Clark Smith 4.14 (Dublin Scioto, 5th); Matthew Lehmann 3.57 (Barrington, 9th)

Here are a few other tournament superlatives that did not crack the top ten:
Most powers, one team: 11 (Southside v Northwest; DCC v Wayzata; Barrington v Emma Willard)
Most combined powers: 14 (Westview 9 v Chattahoochee 5)
Most tossup points: 270 (Southside v Northwest; DCC v Wayzata; Barrington v Emma Willard; Chattahoochee v Fisher Catholic)
Most earned bonus points: 410 (DCC v Ithaca B)
Most points in a game, individual: 220 (Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley v Norman)
Most powers in a game: 8 (Matthew Lehmann, Barrington v LASA)
Highest power percentage, prelims: 66.7% (Ashwin Ramaswami, Chattahoochee). This category has a minimum of 40 PPG. Alex Orlov of IMSA is credited with 1 power in 0.5 GP during the prelims, which would technically be 100% power percentage at 40 PPG, but he is being excluded from records due to failing to meet the standard games-played criteria for individual ranking.
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