RESULTS: Ohio Academic Competition State Finals (5/3/08)

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RESULTS: Ohio Academic Competition State Finals (5/3/08)

Post by BobGHHS » Sun May 04, 2008 5:03 pm

The results of the Ohio Academic Competition (OAC) State Tournament, held on May 3, 2008 on the campus of Columbus State Community College.

Each of the six regional champions draw for placement in the red bracket or blue bracket. Whichever bracket they draw, the runner-up team from their region draws from the opposite bracket. Within the brackets, teams play a round-robin followed by Blue 1 vs. Red 2 and Blue 2 vs. Red 1 and then finals and a 3rd place game.

For the purpose of clarity, WC is West Central and EC is East Central. The others are self-explanatory.

Blue Group
Northwest (EC1)
Olentangy (WC2)
Upper Arlington (SE1)
Solon (NE2)
Defiance (NW1)
Sycamore (SW2)

Red Group
Walnut Hills (SW1)
Hoover (EC2)
Garfield Heights (NE1)
Wellington (SE2)
Tippecanoe (WC1)
Avon (NW2)

Round 1

Northwest 33 OT 31 Olentangy
Upper Arlington 53-41 Solon
Defiance 37-32 Sycamore

Walnut Hills 54-38 Hoover
Garfield Heights 64-33 Wellington
Tippecanoe 40-36 Avon

Round 2

Solon 46-21 Northwest
Sycamore 47-39 Upper Arlington
Defiance 30-29 Olentangy

Walnut Hills 46-25 Wellington
Garfield Heights 64-21 Avon
Tippecanoe 35-34 Hoover

Round 3

Sycamore 50-41 Northwest
Defiance 50-38 Upper Arlington
Solon 47-42 Olentangy

Walnut Hills 55-37 Avon
Garfield Heights 71-20 Tippecanoe
Hoover 38-28 Wellington

Round 4

Northwest 34 Defiance 29
Upper Arlington 40 Olentangy 37
Solon 44 Sycamore 34

Walnut Hills 38 Tippecanoe 37
Garfield Heights 49 Hoover 35
Avon 33 Wellington 23

Round 5

Upper Arlington 54 Northwest 33
Solon 42 Defiance 33
Sycamore 43 Olentangy 34

Garfield Heights 57 Walnut Hills 47
Wellington 41 Tippecanoe 26
Avon 41 Hoover 34

Garfield Heights 59 - Defiance 27
Solon 50 - Walnut Hills 44

Garfield Heights 58 - Solon 44

3rd Place Game
Walnut Hills 46 – Defiance 21

In the end, we were able to repeat as state champions despite drawing nasty brackets at both the regional and state level.

Solon has gotten very, very good and could do some damage at HSNCT as could Walnut Hills.

I want to congratulate all teams for a great tournament and thank all of the readers, moderators and tournament personnel who helped run it smoothly.

Good luck to all teams at HSNCT and PACE.
Bob Kilner
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