2008 PACE NSC hotel identification

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2008 PACE NSC hotel identification

Postby First Chairman » Sat May 24, 2008 5:30 pm

I know many of you are at HSCT, and I will send an email out just to be sure.

The Hampton Inn Fairfax City is mostly completely booked at this time, and I want to be sure that everyone who has booked a room at the hotel already has claimed the PACE discount rate.

The other reason I want to know is that if I have to get an overflow hotel (Comfort Inn Fairfax City), I need to get an idea how many people booked rooms there to request a discount rate or additional rooms for staff.

We do have rooms for staff, but I am also sure I need to book a few more for staff just in case.

So use this thread to just confirm which hotels you have booked for NSC weekend.

"Bykowski" has control of 6 rooms for now... suite style so they can accommodate a number of people, but I'm also seeing how many more rooms to keep. I also have a little space in my apartment.
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