ATTN: CHRIS RAY (apologies itt)

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ATTN: CHRIS RAY (apologies itt)

Post by AKKOLADE » Fri Apr 04, 2008 9:08 pm

After the events of the Chris Ray thread, I felt the need to do this publicly. While I've done so privately to Chris, I also feel it's important to do so on the boards as the thread was a rather public incident, the apology should be as well.

I would like to apologize to Chris for allowing the Chris Ray thread to happen. As it was presented to me, the starting of a thread was necessary due to the number of parties involved and the fact that private attempts to discuss issue with Chris were not warmly received. I allowed the thread to be started for these apparent reasons after being told that multiple parties involved would bring up multiple important issues. Instead, what we got was a disjointed mess of minimal substance that had its most concrete points brought up about, of all things, Chris' playing style. I've also been informed by Chris that the previously mentioned individual efforts to discuss such issues with him did not occur either.

I also apologize to the individual who started the thread - he had no particular role in this and only started it as a favor to those requesting the thread. It's unfortunate that he too became involved in this when it was unnecessary.

I finally apologize to the forums for allowing this to happen at all and for bringing an unnecessary dose of drama onto the board.

I don't wish there to be discussion of this on the forums; I'm doing what I feel necessary and I really don't think it requires discussion of such topics. This is why this is locked.