CO Trash -- Important Information

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CO Trash -- Important Information

Post by Birdofredum Sawin » Sun Jul 13, 2008 12:48 pm

Following the example of Ryan's post on the CO itself, here's some details on the trash tournament.

The tournament will be at Cobb, like everything else that weekend. Registration will start at 8:30, and games will start promptly (I hope) at 9:00.

There will be 10 rounds; each team will play every packet. For the prelims, the field will be split into two divisions of 7 teams each. Each division will play a RR. (And, in each round, the odd team out from each division will play the odd team out from the other division.) For the playoffs, the top three teams from each division will play the top three teams from the other division. At the end of the day, if any team has a clear record advantage, they'll be declared the winner; otherwise, we'll go to some standard statistical tiebreaker to determine the champion. (I'll announce the methods to be used the morning of the tournament.) There will also be consolation playoffs -- the teams that finish fourth and fifth in each bracket will play a mini RR, as will the teams that finish sixth and seventh.

As for lunch, I plan on ordering food of some sort for the staff. If someone wants to step up and make arrangements similar to Susan's project of ordering pizza for people during CO, that's fine by me. Regardless, there will probably be a 45 minute lunch break -- i.e. not long enough to saunter over to a sit-down lunch at one of Hyde Park's notoriously slow restaurants, but plenty of time to drive to Subway, Potbelly, Harold's, etc. and pick up some food.

If you've already emailed me about bringing a buzzer set or laptop, great. If not, and you plan on bringing either or both, please let me know.

Once again, these are the 14 teams I expect to see at the tournament. There still seems to be a space or two for free agents to occupy, if people are still interested in playing but don't yet have a team.

1. Susan, Ed, Mike Sorice, Andrew Ullsperger
2. Matt Weiner, Mike Bentley, Matt Lafer, Ryan Westbrook
3. Bryce Durgin, three other people from Notre Dame
4. Chris Ray, Jeremy Eaton (this team may have space)
5. Eric Douglass, Bryn Reinecke, Evan Silberman, Evan Nagler
6. Quentin Roper, Carsten Gehring, Trevor Davis, Brendan
7. Andrew Hart, Rob Carson, Trygve Meade, Arnav
8. Guy Tabachnick, Charlie Dees, Christian Carter, Eric Kwartler
9. Greg Sorenson, Jeremy White, Brian Hight, Colby
10. Michael Knapp, Chris Sienko (this team may also have space)
11. Chris Borglum, Amy Harvey, Lane Silberstein, Sean Platzer
12. Ahmad Ragab, Jim Baker, Billy Beyer
13. Dan Passner, Lorin Burte, Harry, Ted
14. Michael Kearney, Chris Hendry, Megan Clancy (possibly a fourth also)

I think that's it. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at adyaphe at gmail dot com.


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