Welcome to the New Collegiate Teams forum. Rules within.

This forum is for anyone seeking advice on starting a collegiate team, branching out into new types of tournaments, or other "how-to" aspects of collegiate quizbowl.
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Welcome to the New Collegiate Teams forum. Rules within.

Post by Matt Weiner » Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:46 am

There will be many former College Bowl schools looking to move into mainstream quizbowl this year. For the benefit of those teams as well as the usual crop of new programs, the board management here at HSQB has decided to create this forum, dedicated solely to welcoming and advising new teams on the collegiate level.

If you are part of a new team, or a team new to mainstream quizbowl, then feel free to post in the appropriate thread if you have a question. You can also start a new thread if you want to discuss a topic related to being a new team that is not already covered elsewhere. We encourage you to use the Collegiate Announcements & Results and Collegiate Discussion forums as well, if you have material that would better go there. Please remember to create a signature identifying yourself and your school before posting.

Some special rules apply to established board posters when using this forum:

1) Do not pester people with advertisements for your tournaments or your opinions about some issue. Each board poster may post exactly ONCE about any given point, including "come to my school's tournament!" Repeating yourself because you like seeing your name on the top posters list is not permitted in this forum. People will come here for information, not to see you show off.

2) Debating things such as the merits of various mainstream tournaments is not what this forum is for. Please use Collegiate Discussion for that purpose. Factual questions and factual answers will the rule the day here.

3) Do not bring inside jokes, nonsensical emoticon-filled posts, or anything else that would be incomprehensible or of no value to a new team, to this forum.

4) In general, all of the rules will be more strictly enforced in this forum, in order to keep it as efficiently devoted to information as possible.
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