NAQT's new policy on pseudonymous teams

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NAQT's new policy on pseudonymous teams

Post by Important Bird Area » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:28 pm

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NAQT's official pseudonym policy wrote:NAQT considers quiz bowl to be a competition among schools, and we want it perceived and presented as such. Thus, we generally require that teams compete under the names of their schools. However, we recognize that this may be difficult or impossible for teams in certain situations.

Our policy on teams playing in high school or middle school tournaments under pseudonyms is as follows:

For tournaments using NAQT questions that are not run under NAQT's official eligibility rules:

The tournament director may set his or her own policy on the use of pseudonyms by teams and on related issues (such as whether pseudonymous teams are eligible for the awards).

The tournament director must report the school (or schools) represented by each pseudonymous team to NAQT (as this is necessary to maintain question security). This is not just required to earn the results-reporting discount, but absolutely required.

For tournaments run under NAQT's official eligibility rules (including the HSNCT, SSNCT, and MSNCT):

A pseudonymous team must still consist of players eligible to represent a single school.

A team that wishes to compete under a pseudonym needs to have a parent or coach (not a player) write to the tournament director indicating why the team is forbidden from competing under the school's real name. This explanation must indicate why the team is prohibited from using the school name and/or specify the penalties the team's players would face for doing so. If the circumstances are serious enough, the tournament director will allow pseudonymity.

The tournament director will choose the pseudonym.

Playing under a pseudonym does not waive any chaperone requirements that the tournament may have.

For all tournaments:

Pseudonymous teams will be credited to their actual school when issuing invitations to national championships. It is not possible to earn additional invitations through clever tricks of pseudonymity.

Pseudonymous teams will be listed under their pseudonym in NAQT's results database.

NAQT reserves the right to reveal the names and unofficial affiliation of pseudonymous teams and players at its discretion.
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