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Charter Challenge (MS-26), 3/10/18 @ Wilmington Charter

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:59 pm
by insohumniac
The Charter School of Wilmington is pleased to announce the 2018 Charter Challenge Middle School Quizbowl Tournament, which will be held on Saturday, March 10th, 2018.

The tournament will be run using NAQT’s MS-26 set. We will not be using computational math tossups.


The tournament will be held at the Charter School of Wilmington (100 North Dupont Rd, Wilmington, DE, 19807). Registration will begin at 8:00 AM. Pizza will also be available for order during registration, which we will follow with an opening meeting. We will recap rules and explain the morning schedule during the opening meeting. We hope to have teams in rooms for round 1 by 9:00 AM.

We plan to run a schedule of 6 rounds in the morning, in preliminary pools of 6, with a round robin format. Each team will play a total of 5 rounds before lunch. The top 2 teams from each bracket will proceed to higher tiered playoffs, and the remaining teams will play consolation matches in the afternoon, with every team guaranteed a minimum of 10 rounds.

The field will be divided into two divisions : a Novice Division and an Experienced Division. The Novice Division is intended for schools sending teams with either younger or newer players, and will not directly qualify teams for NAQT's 2018 Middle School National Championship Tournament (MSNCT). The Experienced Division is intended for teams which regularly participate in quizbowl, and teams in this pool can qualify for MSNCT at this tournament.

We will impose a soft field cap of 36, but this may be increased depending on buzzer and moderator availability.

Registration fees per team:
$70 for schools that regularly participate in pyramidal quizbowl
$60 for subsequent teams
$45 for schools that are new to pyramidal quizbowl (defined as any team that hasn’t participated in pyramidal quizbowl tournaments for at least 2 years)

-$5 per each fully functional buzzer set
-$10 for experienced moderators
-$10 for teams traveling over 150 miles (one way distance via Google Maps)

Minimum fees:
-$45 for schools that regularly participate in pyramidal quizbowl.
-$25 for teams that have not played pyramidal quizbowl in the past two years.

Registration fees can be paid through cash or by check. Checks should be made to The Charter School of Wilmington with Academic Bowl on the memo line. We will process your registration fee and provide your team with an invoice by lunch. While payment the day of the tournament is preferable, we will accept payment through the mail. Mail should be addressed to The Charter School of Wilmington, with Academic Bowl on the memo line, at 100 N. Dupont Rd, Wilmington, DE, 19807.

Please sign up for this tournament here.

Feel free to send any questions to We hope to see you there!

Re: Charter Challenge (MS-26), 3/10/18 @ Wilmington Charter

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:00 pm
by insohumniac
Please note that this tournament is on the same day as the Ichabod Invitational at Great Valley HS in Pennsylvania.

Re: Charter Challenge (MS-26), 3/10/18 @ Wilmington Charter

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:01 pm
by insohumniac
This post is reserved for field updates.

Current Field (Teams [exp/nov] /Buzzers/Moderators)

The Independence School (6 [4,2] /3/0)
Shue-Medill Middle School (1 [0,1] /0/0)
John Dickinson MYP (3 [1/2] /1/1)
Alfred G. Waters Middle School (3 [1/2] /1/0)
All Saints Catholic School (2 [0,2]/0/0)
Newark Charter School (3 [3,0]/0/0)
Cab Calloway School of the Arts (1 [1,0]/0/0)
H.B. DuPont Middle School (1 [0,1] /0/0)

TOTAL : 20 teams [10/10], 5 buzzers, 1 moderator.

Re: Charter Challenge (MS-26), 3/10/18 @ Wilmington Charter

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:30 pm
by insohumniac
Congratulations to Independence A for winning the Experienced Bracket and Independence E for winning the Novice Bracket yesterday! At the team's first ever quizbowl tournament, Cab Calloway came in second, and their leading scorer, Jeremiah Rayban, scored a cumulative 98 PPG to lead the field in scoring! Newark Charter C came in third in the Experienced Bracket.

In the Novice division, Alfred G. Waters B came in second place, followed by HB DuPont, who came in third, with this being the team's first ever quizbowl tournament as well.

Thanks to all the teams who came out yesterday, and we hope to see you soon!