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2018 Warrior Classic MS Tournament at Henderson (4/7/18)

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:29 pm
by ssobieck
DATE CHANGE: The new date is APRIL 7.
The 2018 Warrior Classic Middle School Tournament will be held on April 7, 2018, hosted at B. Reed Henderson High School in West Chester, PA. We will be using NAQT MS-20 at this tournament. Registration will start at 8, with Round 1 starting at 9:00. The contact person is Steve Sobieck.

To register, please use the Google Form that is linked below. Please designate the number of teams registered, the number of buzzer systems, and qualified moderators that you are bringing. If paying by check, please make checks payable to "WCASD."

Fee Structure:
$70 for the first team
$60 for each additional team
$50 for a first time NAQT participant

$5 off for each functioning buzzer system
$10 off for each experienced moderator

The minimum fee is $50 per team.

Up to 6 players may play on one team. If a school wishes to bring more than 6 players, then it will have to register a second team.

This tournament will have an initial field cap of 18, with room to expand once we secure additional staffers.
The tournament format will include preliminary round-robins, with rebracketed playoffs in the afternoon. The exact number of games will be determined by the final field size. Rounds will be untimed, with 20 tossups and 20 bonuses, worth up to 30 points each. The top 15% of the field, rounded up, will qualify for NAQT's 2018 MSNCT, held in at the Hyatt Regency at O'Hare Airport, Chicago, IL from May 11-13, 2018.

Henderson High School is located at 400 Montgomery Ave, West Chester, PA. Henderson is located one mile west from the Paoli Pike exit on U.S. 202. Parking is on the east side of Montgomery Avenue. An additional parking lot is on the west side of Montgomery Ave (left-hand side driving north on Montgomery Ave next to the football field).

Please register at this google.doc: ... Q/edit[url][/url]

Re: 2018 Warrior Classic MS Tournament at Henderson (4/7/18)

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:07 pm
by Monstruos de Bolsillo

Re: 2018 Warrior Classic MS Tournament at Henderson (4/7/18)

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:03 pm
by Monstruos de Bolsillo
Congratulations to Great Valley A for clearing the field to the win the 2018 Warrior Classic! We had 18 teams come out, and the teams were grouped into 3 brackets of 6. After lunch, the teams were rebracketed into 3 groups of 6, with the one morning result carrying over.

The top bracket finished as follows:
1. Great Valley A (5-0)
2. Independence B (3-2)
3. Independence A (3-2)
4. St. James A (3-2)
5. Peirce C (1-4)
6. Independence C (0-5)

The three way tie was played off on half packets, with Independence A defeating St. James A, and then Independence B defeating Independence A.

Playoff and combined statistics will be posted soon, preliminary stats are posted above. Thanks to all of the Henderson staffers, as well as Ashish Kumbhardare and Jackie Wu who volunteered their time to ensure a smooth tournament.

Thanks to all for coming!

Re: 2018 Warrior Classic MS Tournament at Henderson (4/7/18)

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:53 pm
by Monstruos de Bolsillo
All stats are now up on hsquizbowl, and will be sent to NAQT shortly.

Prelims: ... s/prelims/
Playoffs: ... /playoffs/
Combined: ... /combined/

Thanks again to everyone for coming!