DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

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DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby J. Young » Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:40 pm

Thanks to everyone who has previously maintained this thread.

I will be managing the calendar for quizbowl events in the DC Metro area for 2017-2018. I will also be including local college tournaments so that any colleges hosting tournaments for high schoolers can work around those - note that not all of the college tournaments listed permit high schoolers to compete. If you want me to add an event to this list, email me at notrianovosti@gmail.com, message me privately on the forums, or make a post in the thread below (with the latter preferred). If you could also include the type of question set you're using (NAQT IS sets, IS-A sets, housewrite, etc.), that would be very helpful. Happy tournament hosting and quizbowl playing, everyone! (Note heavy plagiarism from last year's thread due to lack of creativity :neutral: )

September 9 (ACT) - Virginia Tech tournament (NAQT A-set)
September 16 -
September 23 -
September 30 - Maryland Fall @ UMD

October 7 (SAT) - Virginia Tech Collegiate Novice tournament
October 14 - Johns Hopkins Fall (NAQT A-set)*
October 21 - Penn Bowl @ UPenn
October 28 (ACT) -

November 4 (SAT) -
November 5 (Sunday) - Centennial Fall (NAQT A-set)
November 11 - Cavalier Classic @ UVA (IS set TBD)
November 18 - CSI XII @ Cave Spring
November 25 (Thanksgiving Weekend) -

December 2 (SAT) - Virginia Tech Winter (set TBD)
December 9 (ACT) - GSAC XXV @ Maggie Walker, TJMST @ Thomas Jefferson (NAQT MS)*
December 16 - Novice Tournament @ Richard Montgomery*
December 23 - (Christmas Break)
December 30 - (Still in Christmas Break)

January 6 -
January 13 -
January 20 -
January 27 -

February 3 - NAQT Sectional Championship Tournament (SCT)
February 10 (ACT) - JHU Winter (NAQT IS set)*
February 17 - NCIS @ Cave Spring (set TBD)
February 24 - VHSL State Championships @ William and Mary

March 3 -
March 10 (SAT) -
March 17 -
March 24 -
March 31 -

April 7 - JHU Spring (NAQT IS set)*
April 14 (ACT) -
April 21 -
April 28 - NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament (SSNCT), Chicago, IL, National History Bee and Bowl National Championships, Washington, DC (Arlington, VA)

May 5 (SAT) -
May 12 - NAQT Middle School National Championship Tournament (MSNCT), Chicago, IL
May 19 -
May 26 - NAQT High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT), Atlanta, GA

June 2 (SAT) - PACE National Scholastic Championship (NSC), Washington, DC (Reston, VA)
June 9 (ACT) -
June 16 -

Red: NHBB events
Orange: National championships
Green: NAQT regular season events
Purple: Novice tournaments
Magenta: College tournaments
Black: Regular season, non-NAQT high school events
Asterisks after event indicates tentative date
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby eseifte1 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:19 pm

Centennial High School will host our fall tournament using an NAQT A set (introductory) on Sunday November 5 (SATs on Sat Nov $). Last year, over 100 teams showed up and we could not accommodate everyone. We will have 3 brackets: Varsity, Novice, Middle/Elementary. Less experienced teams even with with seniors or juniors can join the Novice bracket, though they will not be eligible for Nationals.
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby Michael Shang » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:43 pm

JHU would like to tentatively claim October 14, February 10, and April 7 for our Fall, Winter, and Spring Tournaments, respectively. Our fall tournament will utilize NAQT A-sets and our winter and spring tournaments will use regular NAQT sets. Whether or not our fall tournament will be restricted to novices or not is TBD, and dates are tentative, depending on when Penn Bowl, SCT, MUT, and other similarly-timed college tournaments are.

As for the plagiarism - don't sweat it, it looks great :D
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby Technomario » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:06 pm

Virginia Tech is going to host a tournament on September 9. We will most likely use a NAQT A set.
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby EricChang5 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:21 pm

Virginia Tech would also like to claim Oct. 7 for our VT Collegiate Novice tournament and Dec. 2 for our Virginia Tech Winter. I'll be updating you on the question sets we'll be using. Thank you so much!
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby Cody » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:52 pm

EricChang5 wrote:Virginia Tech would also like to claim Oct. 7 for our VT Collegiate Novice tournament and Dec. 2 for our Virginia Tech Winter. I'll be updating you on the question sets we'll be using. Thank you so much!
The first weekend in December is the canonical date for VCU Winter, and the second weekend is the canonical date for GSAC. We could probably co-exist, but I think we'd both get better fields with another date that works.
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby cat » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:23 pm

Thanks for creating the thread Justin! Maggie Walker would like to claim December 9th for GSAC XXV.
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby Agamemnon » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:36 pm

Richard Montgomery would like to tentatively claim the 16th of December for our annual novice tournament!
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby kamikaze » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:22 pm

Cave Spring HS would like to claim November 18th for our the CSI, which will most likely be a housewrite, and February 17th for our NCIS. Not sure what set we'll be using for the NCIS though.
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby AKKOLADE » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:13 pm

You might not want to use blue to denote things, since that's also the natural color of links to tournament announcements.

As an outsider, I think an inevitable discussion that will need to be had in the future is how will a crowded calendar be handled in a region that encompasses teams from Roanoke to Baltimore, a distance of nearly 300 miles. If the circuit continues to grow at all ends, you'll probably need to be comfortable with the idea that UVA or Maggie Walker hosts on a high school tournament on the same day as Johns Hopkins or Centennial High, as examples.

Of course, exceptions should be made for certain tournaments if they're of sufficient importance, but that's an argument for you all to hash out.
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby Irreligion in Bangladesh » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:44 pm

Piggybacking on Fred - you'll have a much calmer time of it if, when those two tournaments on the same day at the corners of your circuit conflict, they work together to pick the same question set!
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Re: DC Metro 2017-2018 Date Claim Thread

Postby AwkwardDioxide » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:59 pm

TJ will tentatively claim December 9th as the date for TJMST, run on a NAQT MS set.
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