Virginia Quizbowl Website

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Virginia Quizbowl Website

Post by Beevor Feevor » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:10 pm

Although this site was made a few weeks back, seeing the Michigan Quizbowl Alliance webpage go up reminded me that I should probably post this here. We at the University of Virginia Quizbowl team have created a site for our club that has records of our tournaments, resources for new players, and eventually a place to sign up for our tournaments and get more information about joining us. The link is here, and I hope you all check it out!

If you guys have any input or suggestions, feel free to email me or use the Contact Us form on the website. Stay tuned for more updates!
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Re: Virginia Quizbowl Website

Post by UlyssesInvictus » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:35 pm

Looks pretty good. I do wonder sometimes if some valiant soul should just go and make a Wordpress template (as much as I hate WP) for quizbowl sites, that just has basic placeholders like officer/board information, address, contact info, etc. so that every club can just get this out of the way without having to make it from scratch every time.

I still miss how amazing the TJ website was, which had:
- information on every member (ever!) including officers
- sign-up portal for TJ tournaments
- calendar of upcoming tournaments, including a:
- sign-up portal for TJ players attending other tournaments + roster manager
- contact information
- useful links
- and a (pretty good, actually) tournament writing sub-site, that had completion goals and color-coded statuses

Actually, if any current TJ player (or former *cough cough Stephen*) is writing this, do consider open sourcing it so that anyone can use it. It depended a little on a native TJ account system, but that's easily duplicated. I really do wonder why I didn't make more of a fuss about borrowing the system somehow when I came to college and started relying on nonstop Google docs. (Probably some innate belief that it was CS magic before I knew proper web dev.)
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