Please add an entry for your question set to the database

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Please add an entry for your question set to the database

Post by ScoBo » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:31 pm

If you are editing a question set for the upcoming season, please take a moment now to add an entry for the set to the Quizbowl Resource Database.

Doing so will:
  • Allow all tournaments that use your set to specify that fact in the database, so your question set listing will indicate all of the mirrors of the set.
  • Make you the owner of the entry, so that when you're ready to post the set to you won't have to create a duplicate or ask the owner to transfer it.
When naming your set, please follow these guidelines for consistency:
  • The preferred format for a question set name is "201x Set Name" (with the year first).
  • If you are adding this upcoming season's iteration of a set that has been written in the past and is available on, it would also be nice if you are consistent from year to year. For instance, if your set last season was "2012 Early Fall Tournament", name the upcoming one "2013 Early Fall Tournament" and not "2013 EFT".
Your help is greatly appreciated!

(mods, feel free to move or sticky as desired)
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