VCU Side Event Weekend 2018 – July 28 & 29

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VCU Side Event Weekend 2018 – July 28 & 29

Post by auriana » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:38 pm

This is the official announcement for VCU's Side Event Weekend 2018. We will be hosting as many as possible of the summer side/theme events that have been announced for the "second summer open" this year.

The registration form is here.

The list of events from which we will choose includes:
  • SNICK (All-90s trash)
    The Human Use of Human Beings (Technology tournament/Mike Bentley's usual distribution)
    Words and Objects (Mixed academic)
    RAPTURE (Religion)
    Imaginary Landscape (Audio music)
    WORLDSTAR (Non-western things)
    Chomping Down at Shoney’s (Esoteric trash film)
    FILM (Movies)
    FTP 3 (General trash)
    Canadian Hybrid (General academic and trash - bonuses will not be used)
    John Charles Daly (General trash)
    Historiature (History and literature)
    SOUNDTRACK (Film audio)
    Geography Monstrosity (Geography)
    Let's Remember Some Guys (Sports)
    OCTAVIAN (Classics)
    Cambridge Open (General academic - bonuses will not be used)
    Oxford open (General academic - bonuses will not be used)
Realistically, we will run anywhere from 6 to 10 of the above events.

This weekend will take place on Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29, 2018, on the second floor of Harris Hall on VCU's main Monroe Park campus in Richmond. We expect to start registration at 8 AM Saturday and get to the first event as quickly as possible thereafter in order to maximize the number of tournaments we can run in the weekend. We will conclude at about 6PM on Sunday.


We will be using the following procedure for team formation and event prioritization:
1) Register yourself ... xi2jWBW0_s and any buzzers you plan to bring to the tournament, for the weekend as a whole on an individual basis. That is, whether you are playing in one event or all of them, you need to register by the Google form as a participant in the overall "side event weekend" event.
2) Once you have registered as a participant in the weekend, you will be granted access to a Google spreadsheet on which you may officially form teams for each event, or sign up as a free agent. Since only people who have actually registered using their real e-mail addresses will be able to edit the spreadsheet, the spreadsheet WILL be considered the official, binding way to join a particular team. Each event will have its team size and a free agent list indicated in the tab.

The number of signups, the desire to offer both academic and trash events, and the interest of running events that would otherwise not occur at all in the greater mid-Atlantic will all be taken into consideration when deciding which events to run.

Since we will wait until people have expressed interest in particular events by signing up as team or free agents to decide on which events are being run and in what order, it is advised that you plan to be at VCU all day Saturday and Sunday or risk missing one or more of the tournaments. It will be difficult if not impossible to accommodate every person’s “run this tournament on Saturday afternoon because I can’t come at any other time” requests.

Anyone still on the free agent list (not moved to a team) by the Thursday before the tournament weekend will be placed on a team by the TDs (either used to fill a spot on an existing team or combined into a team of all former free agents). As long as you are signed up somewhere on the sheet and we choose to run that particular tournament you will be given a chance to play the event on some team.

There will be a formula for your fee that incorporates which events you are playing, discounts for staffing, and discounts for bringing buzzers, in line with quizbowl community norms. There will also be a discount offered for pre-paying for your entire weekend’s plans on Saturday morning.

To fit all the events into the weekend, we may run some events simultaneously or not have a separate lunch break on one or both days, and ask players to get their lunch during the tournaments they do not wish to play. There is also some chance of Friday night events if it proves realistic to get players/staff to VCU on time. If there is no Friday night tournament then all participants in the weekend are invited to attend the Richmond Flying Squirrels’ game with the Reading Fighting Phils on Friday evening.

Again, please use the form to register yourself for the weekend, after which you may form teams for each event on the spreadsheet. Post any questions or concerns in this thread. We look forward to seeing a diverse group of quizbowl players at VCU at the end of the month.
Najwa Watson
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Re: VCU Side Event Weekend 2018 – July 28 & 29

Post by ansonberns » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:37 pm

I have filled out the form but not received access to the spreadsheet. Is this an error or is the sheet still forthcoming?
Anson Berns
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Re: VCU Side Event Weekend 2018 – July 28 & 29

Post by Cheynem » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:43 am

Just a note that if you decide to do my event, there's a chance you will be running a slightly smaller version (maybe 6-7 packets instead of 8) since I had anticipated finishing the whole set by the first weekend in August.
Mike Cheyne
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Re: VCU Side Event Weekend 2018 – July 28 & 29

Post by An Economic Ignoramus » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:12 am

Cheynem wrote:Just a note that if you decide to do my event, there's a chance you will be running a slightly smaller version (maybe 6-7 packets instead of 8) since I had anticipated finishing the whole set by the first weekend in August.
The same goes for WORLDSTAR.
Jakob Myers
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Re: VCU Side Event Weekend 2018 – July 28 & 29

Post by Mike Bentley » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:49 am

Human Use of Human Beings will be done by then.
Mike Bentley
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Re: VCU Side Event Weekend 2018 – July 28 & 29

Post by Milhouse » Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:09 pm

When can registrants expect information regarding when each event will be, how much they'll cost, and other salient information regarding this weekend?
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