Florida Spring Tournament (FST) 2019 [Available 3/23/2019]

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Florida Spring Tournament (FST) 2019 [Available 3/23/2019]

Post by TaylorH » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:34 pm

I am pleased to announce the second iteration of the Florida Spring Tournament (FST), a regular minus collegiate quiz bowl set. The set is planned to debut in mid March of 2019. The set will be head edited by me, Taylor Harvey, with Jonathen Settle, Alex Shaw, and Tracy Mirkin acting as subject editors in Science, Literature, and History respectively. The set will be written by members of the University of Florida, University of Central Florida, New College of Florida, Auburn University, Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando, and University of Colorado quiz bowl teams.

The target difficulty for the the tournament will be similar to FST 2018, now on the archive. The editors' vision for the set is to provide an accessible tournament for new college quiz bowl players that will still be engaging and interesting to players with more experience.

The set will consist of 12 power-marked packets of 24/24 (to be played as such, rather than stopping at 20/20). The choice of 24/24 rather than the more standard 20/20 was made to make more room for underrepresented slices of the distribution such as geography, current events/modern world, social science, and mixed/other academic questions. Toss ups will be between 6 and 7 lines in length, 10 pt font.

The distribution is as follows:

Literature (4/4)

1/1 Poetry
1/1 Long Fiction
1/1 Drama
1/1 Short Fictions, Essays, Mixed, or more of above

History (4/4)

1/1 American
1/1 British and European
1/1 World
1/1 Other/Mixed

Science (4/4)

1/1 Biology
1/1 Chemistry
1/1 Physics
1/1 Other Science (Astronomy, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, etc)

Fine Arts (3/3)

1/1 Painting and Sculpture
1/1 Western Classical Music
1/1 Other Arts (Film, Jazz, Opera, Fashion, Architecture, Photography, World Music, etc)

RMP (3/3)

1/1 Mythology
1/1 Religion
1/1 Philosophy

Social Science (2/2)

1/1 Economics and Psychology (one in each packet)
1/1 Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics, Political Science, and Culture Criticism

Other (4/4)

1/1 Geography
1/1 Current Events/ Modern World
1/1 Other and Mixed Academic Questions
1/1 Popular Culture

Total (24/24)

The main site for the tournament will be held at the University of Florida on March 23rd, 2019. The set will be available for mirrors the same day and will be stay available as long as there is interest, as late as summer 2019. Mirror fees will be $40 per non-house team. This is a closed set meaning teams of players from the same school may play it. Whether or not high school teams can play a particular mirror site will be up to the TD of that site. High school teams may play the main site in Gainesville.

If you would like to mirror the set, please email me at taylorharvey250@gmail.com or PM me on the forums.
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-Taylor Harvey
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Re: Florida Spring Tournament (FST) 2019

Post by TaylorH » Mon Nov 12, 2018 5:57 pm

Mirror Sites Update:

Main/Florida: University of Florida, 3/23/2019
Mid Atlantic: Princeton University, Date TBA
Mountain West: University of Colorado Boulder, Date TBA

High School Only: Penn State, 3/30/2019

We are seeking mirror hosts in the Northeast, non-Florida Southeast, Midwest, Canada, West Coast, UK and any other regions that feel they can support a site. Email me at taylorharvey250@gmail.com if your school wishes to host a mirror.
-Taylor Harvey
University of Florida Quiz Bowl

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