Florida Spring Tournament (FST) at Amherst College, 4/27/19

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Florida Spring Tournament (FST) at Amherst College, 4/27/19

Post by Santa Claus » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:06 pm

The Amherst College Quiz Bowl team is very happy to announce that we will be hosting the Northeast Mirror of the 2019 Florida Spring Tournament on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. As stated in the set's announcement, this tournament will be "a regular minus collegiate quiz bowl set," or alternatively one dot on the scale at the College quizbowl calendar. We will be using standard ACF rules for gameplay and scoring, but please take note that the set will be 24/24 and powermarked.

We have decided to open the field to high school teams who wish to participate. Team formation will be closed (all players must attend the same school) and high school teams will not be eligible for the new team discount.

Registration and Fees:
Base fee: $110
Shorthanded discount (1 or 2 players): -$40
New team discount: -$40
Buzzer discount: -$5
Staffer discount: -$15
Minimum fee per team: $60

The new team discount will be offered to teams that consist entirely of players that fit all the following restrictions:
a) played no college tournaments ever OR played only introductory tournaments (ACF Fall, SCT DII, FST, EFT)
b) played less than two full years in college AND five full years in total

This discount is meant to encourage novice teams to attend this tournament. Please inform me if you wish to apply for this discount while registering, and provide a roster for said team.

To register, please email me at kewang19@amherst.edu - please indicate your school, number of teams attending, number of staffers, and number of buzzers.

Payment can be made in the form of cash or Venmo on the day of the tournament - I do not believe we can accept checks, so if you are only able to pay via check, please email me.

There is a tentative field cap of 12 teams, as we are a small team and do not possess the numbers to effectively run a larger tournament. Please attempt to wrangle buzzers and staff for this tournament, as we would like to expand the field if possible.

Current Field (1/12) (teams/buzzers/staffers)
UConn (1/0/0)
Kevin Wang
Arcadia High School 2015
Amherst College 2019

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