How to use the Comparisons and Discussions forums

Current and historical discussions of the best teams and players across the nation, along with question sets and tournaments. The board-run national polls also take place in this forum. Region-specific discussion live under this forum.
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How to use the Comparisons and Discussions forums

Post by AKKOLADE » Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:29 am

We made some changes with the forums set up last night which I wanted to let you all know about.

The Regular Season Tournament Discussion forum has been combined with what was the Comparisons forum. Now titled "National and Regional Comparisons and Discussions", the main forum will serve to take care of the nation-ranging topics that lived in those two forums. This includes:
  • Comparisons between the top teams across the nation
  • The occasional polls that are held on this site
  • Quality of tournament sets that are held at multiple sets
There are now child forums as well, covering the entire nation. Rather than containing state-specific talk to one thread, we want to give you more room to discuss topics that are affecting teams within your area.

At this time, we have only one state specific sub-forum, which is for Illinois. Since that state is the most active in state-specific discussions by far, they received their own sub-forum.

Discussion in these child forums should be specific to quiz bowl in your area. Example topics include:
  • Comparisons between the top teams in your area
  • Quality of tournaments or question sets that are held in your state
  • The status of your governing body
Things that should not be done in these forums:
  • Non-quiz bowl talk. We have multiple off topic areas for your use.
  • Announcements of tournaments. We have a different forum for this, too!
  • Anything that violates the rules of the forum
Also, if somebody makes a post noting that it's the xth of the thread or that the thread has reached page y, they're open to a three day ban. If the post is content free beyond that alert of counting ability, the ban will be extended to seven days.

If you have any questions or are unsure of where you should post something, feel free to email me at .
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