Advice on Starting a New Team at UMKC

This forum is for anyone seeking advice on starting a collegiate team, branching out into new types of tournaments, or other "how-to" aspects of collegiate quizbowl.
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Lord Cutler Beckett
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Advice on Starting a New Team at UMKC

Post by Lord Cutler Beckett » Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:18 pm


I am going to be attending University of Missouri-Kansas City in the fall. I recently became involved in Quizbowl during my senior year of high school and found that I enjoyed it immensely.
UMKC last competed in a tournament in 2002 so I would need to reboot it. I was just posting if anybody has any advice on the process (I saw the NAQT guide on the subject) or knows anyone going
to UMKC who is interested in quizbowl.

I was also wondering restarting the UMKC Quiz Bowl team doesn't work out whether it's possible to be involved with the University of Missouri-Columbia
team since they are a part of the UM system. My main goal is to still be able to play quiz Bowl in college but my time will be limited so I am unsure whether managing the team will be feasible for me.

Thanks for your Help,
Lord Cutler Beckett

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Re: Advice on Starting a New Team at UMKC

Post by alexdz » Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:05 pm


I can tell you that the Missouri college quiz bowl teams that already exist would be ecstatic to have you around! There are plenty of us nearby who would be willing to guide you through the process step by step! You can definitely PM me with specific questions as they come up.

Here's what I understand about you competing for Mizzou:

NAQT (this only applies for two tournaments per year: SCT in February and ICT in April): Check out Rule 8 here for more specifics, but basically, if UMKC does not have a team, then I believe you can compete for Mizzou. If, say, you got approved in January for a team at UMKC, you'd have to start competing as UMKC from that point on.

ACF (this definitely applies to tournaments that have the name ACF in the title (ACF Fall, Regionals, Nationals): See rule 5.2 on ACF's page, which says basically the same thing; i.e., as long as UMKC doesn't have a team, it looks like as a member of the UM system you could play for Mizzou as well.

I should note, I am not speaking as a formal representative of either NAQT or ACF and the above are simply my interpretation of the rules. Someone from these organizations can give you the "official" word, but it seems to me like it shouldn't be an issue if you can't start a team at UMKC for some reason.

As far as tournaments, I would suggest you join the Missouri Academic Competition Message Board at and check out the Collegiate Quizbowl section.
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Re: Advice on Starting a New Team at UMKC

Post by ScoBo » Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:47 pm

I would absolutely LOVE to see a team get off the ground at UMKC. I don't have any experience with starting up a team, so others would be much better suited to answer questions about the general process, though I'd be glad to answer anything I can. I do know of a few UMKC students who played in high school who might be interested in joining the team, including another incoming freshman who I have heard was interested in starting a team.

If you haven't already found this, here is UMKC's web page about starting a student organization. Looking at the application, in addition to a faculty advisor, it looks like you'll also need at least "five contacts who will be involved in the development of this organization" and "signatures of at least ten students currently enrolled at UMKC who support this organization." As a starting point, I'm sure there are plenty of people at UMKC who played quizbowl in high school who might be interested; it sounds like as long as you can find an advisor and have at least 5 other people who are committed to starting the team, you should be in pretty decent shape.
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