2017 Ohio Trash Set available for mirrors

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2017 Ohio Trash Set available for mirrors

Post by BobGHHS » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:46 pm

I thought I had posted this earlier but it isn't showing up, so maybe I only previewed it or something... whatever. Here it is again.

The 2017 Ohio trash set has already been played at 4 Ohio sites and this past weekend in Illinois. A Virginia site has also expressed interest.

The general distribution is:
4/4 each of movies, music, tv and sports (1 pre-2000, 1-last 2 years and 2 post-2000) with the other 4 being a mix of 2 listed as "other" and then 1 internet question and 1 question about advertising/consumer products/etc. There are 11 packets in the set plus some extra questions for tiebreakers and replacements. The set was written by myself, Drew Scheeler, Paul Nelson, Ryan and Cari Milowicki and a couple other fantastic writers.

If you're looking for a trash set to mirror (especially as a fundraiser for HSNCT / PACE / whatever), shoot me an email at bk31883 <at> gmail and we can discuss it - I don't frequent this board so no guarantees that I will see anything posted here. Email is your best bet.
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