ANNOUNCEMENT: 2010 Late Season Collegiate Poll

With the completion of ACF Regionals and NAQT Sectionals, it is now time for the 2010 Late Season Collegiate* Poll.

* “Collegiate” refers to the level of play and difficulty of tournaments to consider, not that the poll is exclusive to teams from colleges. If you believe a high school team is good enough to be ranked here, rank them.

Send to me your top 25 in order, 1 to 25. Teams will get 25 points for a 1st place vote, 24 for 2nd, and so on.

Email them to me at [email protected], and please include “hsquizbowl Top 25” in the subject line of your email. I have started to accept ballots and will accept ballots until the end of next Tuesday, March 9th.

Ballots that are bad will be reviewed and possibly rejected; if I have enough time, I’ll prompt you for reasoning and what not.

Remember that the poll is intended for a general ranking of how good teams are. You should consider the team’s best possible performance, as if all players who have shown up this year were available for play. B teams and the like are eligible to be ranked.