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QANTA vs. Humans: Round 3

Jordan Boyd-Graber is giving the audience some details about QANTA.  We’ll probably start in 10 minutes or so.  I believe the players defending the honor of humanity are Auroni Gupta, Ophir Lifshitz, Jennie Yang, and Virginia Ruiz.

Jennie was a good HS quizbowl player for Fremd HS in Illinois.   Virginia is a former community college player for Valencia Community College.

Ophir was a key support player for Jordan “The Viper” Brownstein in their recent ACF Nationals-winning campaign.

And the star of the team, Auroni.   Mrs. Gupta is one of the best active players and has won NAQT ICT with Michigan.   Any team with Auroni is automatically going to be pretty good.

We’re off!  A power from Ophir and two from Auroni gets the humans off to a great start.

QANTA negs!  Auroni picks up lit.  Humans are up 55-(-5)

Another 10 for Auroni.  He negs, QUANTA gets on the board.  60-5.

QANTA powers science.  60-20.  QANTA follows with an early science neg.  Surely the humans can pick it up.  Ophir does.

QANTA negs philosophy.  It’s buzzing in really early.  Auroni picks it up.  80-10 humans.

An art neg for the humans that QANTA converts.  75-20.

QANTA powers lit.  Dylan Minarik, one of last year’s computer conquerors, calls timeout and runs up to the stage to give Auroni his hat.

Another power for QANTA.    Virginia responds by powering trash.

QANTA powers history.  90-65 humans.

QANTA negs science, Auroni picks it up.

A very impressive Euro history power by QANTA!  And another science power.  100-90 humans.

QANTA powers history and takes the lead for the first time!  Jennie powers current events.

QANTA powers history.   Ophir responds with a music power.

QANTA powers lit off the first five words!  The power of the computer in identifying quotes is clear.

QANTA negs geography.  Auroni picks it up.

Auroni negs!  QANTA retakes the lead, 140-135.

Auroni powers twice!  QANTA then negs myth.   Mrs. Gupta power-rebounds.

QANTA powers history.  180-150 humans.

Science and history powers by QANTA.  All tied up with 10 left.

QANTA powers science again!  It’s up 15.

It’s now 205-195 QANTA.  QANTA negs Tossup 34,  Auroni picks it up.  Humans up 205-200.

QANTA powers #36.  It’s up 25 points with 4 questions left.

QANTA powers trash!  It’s really improved.

With two tossups left,  QANTA has locked it up.  It powers #39 for emphasis.

Auroni powers the final tossup, but QANTA defeats the humans 260-215!
What a great victory for Jordan Boyd-Graber, his team, and QANTA.   QANTA has made great strides with trash- previously a topic that the humans had a stranglehold on.   It also seems to have gotten a lot better at current events.  Who will face it next year?   Will they bring back last year’s computer-conquerors Rob Carson and Dylan Minarik?  Will panicked humans send out a distress call for the Viper and the Mukherjesus?  Can Matts Bollinger and Jackson be persuaded to come out of retirement to focus their legendary rage-spite on a new target?


ICT Finals recap:

As mentioned last post, NAQT didn’t allow liveblogging or any use of social media during the ICT finals.  Here’s what I typed during it.

Michigan gets the first tossup, geo, and gets a film bonus.  They 30 it.  40-0.
Lit tossup powered by Will.  20 on the bonus.
It’s hard to hear what’s going on- no microphones.  But Will gets another power, and Michigan gets 10 on the American history bonus.  100-0.

Adam gets Northwestern on the board with a film tossup.  20 on a trash bonus.  100-30.
Adam 10s a physics tossup; they get an astro bonus for 20.
Art tossup to Auroni.  Geo bonus, Michigan 30s.  They’re up 140-60.
Kenji gets recent history!  20 on the history bonus.
Auroni for 10 on history. 10 on the physics bonus.  Michigan’s up 110, 2 minutes left in the first half.
Adam powers chem!  10 on current events.
Sports tossup.  Dylan buzzes in…and can’t pull it.  Neg-5.  Michigan can’t pick it up.
Michigan negs music, Northwestern picks it up.  Time’s about to run out on the half.  10 on the bonus.

At the half, it’s 185-100 to Michigan.  Ten minutes back on the clock to start the second half.
We start off with a history tossup, Greg pulls it out on the prompt.  Art bonus for 20.  185-130 Michigan.
Geo tossup.  Dylan buzzes emphatically.  Northwestern gets a social science bonus for 20.
Auroni gets lit for 10.  Bio bonus for 20.  Michigan up 55 with 7 minutes to go.
Another clutch history buzz by Kenji.  Art bonus for 20.
Bio tossup to Adam.  World history bonus for 10, Michigan leads 245-180.
Tossup 18 is Russian lit.  Auroni gets it and Michigan 20s the physics bonus.  They’re up 95 with four minutes to go.
Will gets a myth tossup; lit bonus for 30.  315-180 with under 3 minutes to go.  Is this it for Northwestern?
Kenji powers RMP!  This looks like it’s going to clinch it.  Northwestern just won’t have enough time left to come back from 350-180.
Dylan gets current events.  20 on the myth bonus.  They pass the third part, but there’s just not enough time or questions left.
Auroni gets #22, and Michigan 30s the bonus.
Last tossup is RMP to Will.  20 on the bonus.  Final score of 420-210.  Michigan wins ICT!  A great effot by Northwestern- before the playoff rounds started, Dylan said “even if we go 0-6 and finish 8th, this tournament is still a success!”  Wonder what he thinks now.

ICT Undergrad Championship

It’ll be Oklahoma vs. Virginia.

Tossup #1 is art, negged by Caleb.  Eric picks it up and Virginia is up 30-0 on a geo bonus.

Eric gets a law tossup; Virginia up 50-(-5).

Finn gets chem; they get 10 on the trash bonus.  50-15 Virginia.

Caleb gets the next tossup and they 20 the lit bonus.

Finn powers myth.  They get 10 on the geology bonus.  Caleb gets astronomy.  They bagel the music bonus, but are still leading 80-50.

Eric gets TU #7; Virginia 30s the recent history bonus.  Jack gets a lit tossup and Virginia goes up 110-80.

Math tossup goes dead.  Lawrence gets the next tossup and they get a physics bonus that they zero.

Eric negs opera but Oklahoma can’t pick it up.  He negs architecture next, and this time Oklahoma does get it.  We’re tied at 110!

Tossup on sports.  Jack can’t convert at the end.  Still 110-all.  Caleb gets the next one, on lit.  Oklahoma now up by 20 after a psych bonus.

Vasa gets social science, then gets 2 parts of a classics bonus.  Virginia 140-130.

Jack gets geo as Eric pumps his fists.  10 on mixed academic.

Finn gets physics, and they get a bio bonus for 10, with a protest pending.  Going into tossup 18, Virginia is up by 10.

Eric gets Euro history.  Art bonus for 10.  Virginia 180-150.

Finn gets a trash tossup, and Oklahoma gets mixed academic for 0.

Bio tossup, negged by Eric.  Oklahoma can’t rebound.

Vasa powers RMP!  Eric yells “YES!”  RMP bonus.  Virginia now up by 40 with at most 3 tossups left.

Caleb with current events.  Trash bonus, 30.  Oklahoma ties it up going into tossup #23  with a minute left!

World history tossup.  Oklahoma gets it at the end…and runs out the clock on the bonus to win the undergrad championship 220-200 in what both teams considered a sloppy game.

Yale vs. Northwestern.

At the request of Eric Mukherjee, I’m here to see whether Northwestern’s slipper still fits.  If they beat Yale, they’ll be playing on the big stage.  In the other key game, Michigan plays Stanford to try to finish the playoff rounds still unbeaten.

Dylan says “We didn’t even have a hype video!”

Max starts Northwestern off with a geo tossup.  American history bonus; Northwestern 30-0.

Isaac gets CE for 10.  Yale gets 20 on RMP.

Another geo tossup.  Max negs, Jacob picks it up.  Yale 50-25.

Adam S. powers bio!  They get a bio bonus for 30.

Isaac negs lit!  Adam S. picks it up for 10.  Northwestern gets 10 on the bonus to go up 90-45.

Dylan gets art.  100-45.  Jacob .  100-65.

Jacob negs lit when he can’t pull the title.  Northwestern can’t convert.

Stephen gets physics.  Greg gets the next tossup, and Northwestern leads 125-100 at the half.

Tossup 12, geo again.  Dylan powers!  Lit bonus for 10.

Dylan gets lit for 10.  Physics bonus.  20.  Northwestern up by 80.

Adam gets social science.  10 on the art bonus.  200-100 Northwestern.

Chem tossup to Adam Silverman!  Northwestern is rolling.  Can Yale break their momentum?  If Northwestern didn’t get only 10s on three bonuses…

Adam S. negs history.  Yale picks it up.

Tossup 17, literature.  Adam S. gets it.  20 on a TV bonus.  235-120.

Adam F. powers RMP.  10 on a math bonus.  History next.

Isaac negs it.  Dylan picks it up, and Northwestern begins stalling the geo bonus.  Adam and Dylan pull 30!

Isaac gets a tossup and is rewarded with a trash bonus.

Trash tossup, Greg gets it.  Northwestern gets 30.  I think they’ve clinched with 3 left.  315-170.

Adam F. negs lit, Max picks it up.  And that’s game!  355-170!

Supposedly, Michigan lost!  That’d give Northwestern a 1-game final against Michigan!

Chicago vs. Michigan.

Tossup 1: Will gets fine arts; Michigan 30s the bonus.

Max gets physics for 10.  Chicago 30s.

John powers; Chicago gets 10 on the CS bonus.  Chicago 65-45.

Will powers a couple lit questions.  Michigan up 105-65.

Auroni gets science.  125-65.  Auroni negs law; Jason picks it up.  Michigan 120-95.

Max gets current events.  History bonus, Chicago goes up by 5.

Auroni gets lit.  Michigan 20s social science to go up 150-125.

Architecture.  Auroni powers; bio bonus for 30.

Kai powers RMP, Chicago 30s a lit bonus.  And that’s the half.  Michigan up 195-170.

Brian negs science, Max picks it up.  Chicago up 10.

Auroni powers lit and puts Chicago on slam-tilt.  They 30 the bonus to go up 235-200.  Kenji gets history; science bonus coming.

Kenji picks up something that’s probably “other academic”.  Michigan 30s the bonus.  Michigan now up 95.

Brian tentatively buzzes and winces, but he’s right.  After 16, Michigan is up 335-200.

Will powers lit, Michigan 30s.  Chicago will need to run the table to have any chance.

Max gets myth.  Then he powers science.  Econ bonus.  380-265 after 20.  Under 3 minutes to go!

John gets music.  Art bonus 20.

Jason makes it four in a row for Chicago…20 on the bonus.  Minute and a half left, Michigan up 380-325 with 3 tossups left.

Brian gets physics for 10!  Clutch.  That’s game, and the end of Chicago’s championship hopes.

Max gets a sports question to end the game, but Michigan wins 400-365.

Maryland vs. Michigan

Kenji starts Michigan off well by first-lining trash.  35-0.  Jordan responds by first-lining other academic.  35-25 Michigan.

Another first-line!  Will puts Michigan up 60-25.

And another!  This time from the Viper.   60 all.

TU #5.  Jordan negs trash, Will picks it up.  100-55 Michigan.

Another first-line from Jordan.  100-90 Michigan.

Econ tossup.  Sam gets it.  Maryland goes up by 10 after #7.

Brian gets science.  I didn’t catch the second part of the bonus, but I believe Michigan is now up 120-110.

Another power by Jordan.  Auroni responds with his own first-line.  Extremely impressive tossup play so far- not sure I’ve seen a better half.  Michigan 165-145.

And at the half, we have Michigan leading 205-175.

Auroni powers fine arts to start the second half.  They 30 a sports bonus!

Kenji negs a Civil War question.  Jordan picks it up.  Michigan up 245-215.

Jordan powers fine arts.  Maryland now up by 5.

Sam gets science.  Mixed academic.  Maryland 270-245.

#17.  Will powers art.  Michigan 280-270.

Weijia powers geography!  Maryland 30s the bonus.

Jordan gets history.  Maryland 335-280.

Auroni powers chem.  After 20, Maryland leads by 30.

Philosophy.  Jordan negs.  Will picks it up.  Michigan 345-330 with three tossups left!

Will gets history for 10.  Michigan 365-330.

Will powers lit.  Michigan up by 80 with one question left.

Kenji gets the last tossup.  Michigan wins 430-330.