Chicago vs. Michigan.

Tossup 1: Will gets fine arts; Michigan 30s the bonus.

Max gets physics for 10.  Chicago 30s.

John powers; Chicago gets 10 on the CS bonus.  Chicago 65-45.

Will powers a couple lit questions.  Michigan up 105-65.

Auroni gets science.  125-65.  Auroni negs law; Jason picks it up.  Michigan 120-95.

Max gets current events.  History bonus, Chicago goes up by 5.

Auroni gets lit.  Michigan 20s social science to go up 150-125.

Architecture.  Auroni powers; bio bonus for 30.

Kai powers RMP, Chicago 30s a lit bonus.  And that’s the half.  Michigan up 195-170.

Brian negs science, Max picks it up.  Chicago up 10.

Auroni powers lit and puts Chicago on slam-tilt.  They 30 the bonus to go up 235-200.  Kenji gets history; science bonus coming.

Kenji picks up something that’s probably “other academic”.  Michigan 30s the bonus.  Michigan now up 95.

Brian tentatively buzzes and winces, but he’s right.  After 16, Michigan is up 335-200.

Will powers lit, Michigan 30s.  Chicago will need to run the table to have any chance.

Max gets myth.  Then he powers science.  Econ bonus.  380-265 after 20.  Under 3 minutes to go!

John gets music.  Art bonus 20.

Jason makes it four in a row for Chicago…20 on the bonus.  Minute and a half left, Michigan up 380-325 with 3 tossups left.

Brian gets physics for 10!  Clutch.  That’s game, and the end of Chicago’s championship hopes.

Max gets a sports question to end the game, but Michigan wins 400-365.