Chicago vs. Yale

We’re about to get started in the afternoon rounds.  Top seeds are Maryland A, Chicago A, Stanford A, and Michigan A.  #2 seeds are Yale A, Berkeley A, Northwestern, and McGill.

Isaac is strutting around and singing during the pre-game.  Something about caring about bonus conversion.

We’re off!  Jacob gets the first tossup.  10 on the history bonus.  20-0 Yale.

Stephen gets #3 on bio.  Yale has gotten the first three and leads 80-0.

Chicago gets on the board on #4.  80-30.

Isaac gets a sports tossup on #5; Yale 20s the bonus.

Max negs geography on #8; Yale picks it up.  Isaac 30s a trash bonus.

Adam gets a math tossup on #11; Max appears frustrated.

Yale is in control here.  Jacob powers #12 on RMP just before the half.  At the half, it’s 265-90 to Yale.

Isaac starts off the second half with a current events tossup.  Yale 295-90.

Adam powers physics on #14.

Jason negs history on #15.  Stephen picks it up.  Looking grim for Chicago here.  350-85 Yale.

JLaw powers music on #17.  Chicago gets 10 on the bonus.

Stephen negs physics on #18, but Chicago can’t pick it up.  Yale has clinched.  375-110.

And with Matt Weiner reading, we get through all 24 tossups with half a minute to go.  Chicago gets 6 of  the last 8 tossups, but it was too little too late after Yale got 7 straight mid-game.  Yale wins 400-290.