ICT Finals recap:

As mentioned last post, NAQT didn’t allow liveblogging or any use of social media during the ICT finals.  Here’s what I typed during it.

Michigan gets the first tossup, geo, and gets a film bonus.  They 30 it.  40-0.
Lit tossup powered by Will.  20 on the bonus.
It’s hard to hear what’s going on- no microphones.  But Will gets another power, and Michigan gets 10 on the American history bonus.  100-0.

Adam gets Northwestern on the board with a film tossup.  20 on a trash bonus.  100-30.
Adam 10s a physics tossup; they get an astro bonus for 20.
Art tossup to Auroni.  Geo bonus, Michigan 30s.  They’re up 140-60.
Kenji gets recent history!  20 on the history bonus.
Auroni for 10 on history. 10 on the physics bonus.  Michigan’s up 110, 2 minutes left in the first half.
Adam powers chem!  10 on current events.
Sports tossup.  Dylan buzzes in…and can’t pull it.  Neg-5.  Michigan can’t pick it up.
Michigan negs music, Northwestern picks it up.  Time’s about to run out on the half.  10 on the bonus.

At the half, it’s 185-100 to Michigan.  Ten minutes back on the clock to start the second half.
We start off with a history tossup, Greg pulls it out on the prompt.  Art bonus for 20.  185-130 Michigan.
Geo tossup.  Dylan buzzes emphatically.  Northwestern gets a social science bonus for 20.
Auroni gets lit for 10.  Bio bonus for 20.  Michigan up 55 with 7 minutes to go.
Another clutch history buzz by Kenji.  Art bonus for 20.
Bio tossup to Adam.  World history bonus for 10, Michigan leads 245-180.
Tossup 18 is Russian lit.  Auroni gets it and Michigan 20s the physics bonus.  They’re up 95 with four minutes to go.
Will gets a myth tossup; lit bonus for 30.  315-180 with under 3 minutes to go.  Is this it for Northwestern?
Kenji powers RMP!  This looks like it’s going to clinch it.  Northwestern just won’t have enough time left to come back from 350-180.
Dylan gets current events.  20 on the myth bonus.  They pass the third part, but there’s just not enough time or questions left.
Auroni gets #22, and Michigan 30s the bonus.
Last tossup is RMP to Will.  20 on the bonus.  Final score of 420-210.  Michigan wins ICT!  A great effot by Northwestern- before the playoff rounds started, Dylan said “even if we go 0-6 and finish 8th, this tournament is still a success!”  Wonder what he thinks now.