ICT Undergrad Championship

It’ll be Oklahoma vs. Virginia.

Tossup #1 is art, negged by Caleb.  Eric picks it up and Virginia is up 30-0 on a geo bonus.

Eric gets a law tossup; Virginia up 50-(-5).

Finn gets chem; they get 10 on the trash bonus.  50-15 Virginia.

Caleb gets the next tossup and they 20 the lit bonus.

Finn powers myth.  They get 10 on the geology bonus.  Caleb gets astronomy.  They bagel the music bonus, but are still leading 80-50.

Eric gets TU #7; Virginia 30s the recent history bonus.  Jack gets a lit tossup and Virginia goes up 110-80.

Math tossup goes dead.  Lawrence gets the next tossup and they get a physics bonus that they zero.

Eric negs opera but Oklahoma can’t pick it up.  He negs architecture next, and this time Oklahoma does get it.  We’re tied at 110!

Tossup on sports.  Jack can’t convert at the end.  Still 110-all.  Caleb gets the next one, on lit.  Oklahoma now up by 20 after a psych bonus.

Vasa gets social science, then gets 2 parts of a classics bonus.  Virginia 140-130.

Jack gets geo as Eric pumps his fists.  10 on mixed academic.

Finn gets physics, and they get a bio bonus for 10, with a protest pending.  Going into tossup 18, Virginia is up by 10.

Eric gets Euro history.  Art bonus for 10.  Virginia 180-150.

Finn gets a trash tossup, and Oklahoma gets mixed academic for 0.

Bio tossup, negged by Eric.  Oklahoma can’t rebound.

Vasa powers RMP!  Eric yells “YES!”  RMP bonus.  Virginia now up by 40 with at most 3 tossups left.

Caleb with current events.  Trash bonus, 30.  Oklahoma ties it up going into tossup #23  with a minute left!

World history tossup.  Oklahoma gets it at the end…and runs out the clock on the bonus to win the undergrad championship 220-200 in what both teams considered a sloppy game.