Maryland vs. Michigan

Kenji starts Michigan off well by first-lining trash.  35-0.  Jordan responds by first-lining other academic.  35-25 Michigan.

Another first-line!  Will puts Michigan up 60-25.

And another!  This time from the Viper.   60 all.

TU #5.  Jordan negs trash, Will picks it up.  100-55 Michigan.

Another first-line from Jordan.  100-90 Michigan.

Econ tossup.  Sam gets it.  Maryland goes up by 10 after #7.

Brian gets science.  I didn’t catch the second part of the bonus, but I believe Michigan is now up 120-110.

Another power by Jordan.  Auroni responds with his own first-line.  Extremely impressive tossup play so far- not sure I’ve seen a better half.  Michigan 165-145.

And at the half, we have Michigan leading 205-175.

Auroni powers fine arts to start the second half.  They 30 a sports bonus!

Kenji negs a Civil War question.  Jordan picks it up.  Michigan up 245-215.

Jordan powers fine arts.  Maryland now up by 5.

Sam gets science.  Mixed academic.  Maryland 270-245.

#17.  Will powers art.  Michigan 280-270.

Weijia powers geography!  Maryland 30s the bonus.

Jordan gets history.  Maryland 335-280.

Auroni powers chem.  After 20, Maryland leads by 30.

Philosophy.  Jordan negs.  Will picks it up.  Michigan 345-330 with three tossups left!

Will gets history for 10.  Michigan 365-330.

Will powers lit.  Michigan up by 80 with one question left.

Kenji gets the last tossup.  Michigan wins 430-330.