Preseason High School Top 50: 40-31

40. Caesar Rodney (DE) – They return a very committed player in Trey (41.77 ppg at HSNCT, 55.71 at NSC) and Coach Chrzanowski who is one of the most active new coaches around. I’m being conservative with this ranking, as they have a very good chance to jump multiple spots if they continue to improve. The addition of a steady cast around Trey would be key as well.

39. Ransom Everglades (FL) – They return four players who averaged 12 ppg or more at HSNCT, earning them this spot despite the graduation of Jesse and Matthew. Bonus conversion will need work, if the B team’s performance at HSNCT is indicative.

38. Blake (MD) – They return Isaac, who put up 71.54 ppg at NSC on his own. That alone is enough to place him here. A solid supporting cast would push this team even higher.

37. Walt Whitman (MD) – They lose Daniel’s 71.43 ppg from their NSC team, but Douglas’s 76.43 ppg return. He’s also been visible in attempts to improve this summer.

36. Walnut Hills (OH) – Peter’s 24.34 HSNCT ppg are gone, but they get Jon (39.82) and Max (22.06) back. With that much scoring coming back from a team that had a 15.80 ppb, these might be an under-ranking on my part.

35. Kellenberg (NY) – This team’s top two HSNCT players – James (36.41) and Nik (27.65) – are back. They also had 16.69 ppb, which speaks well for their ability to improve.

34. Loyola (IL) – They return a lot of players from the HSNCT team – Nolan (21.18 ppg), Marcel (21.01), and Christian (16.98) from the A team, plus Raman (14.41) from the B team. They also have Will from NSC, who put up 23.64 ppg on their B team at that event. I believe the HSNCT experience will do them well.

33. Chattahoochee (GA) – They lose nearly 80% of their A-team’s scoring at HSNCT, which include Wes, who also put up 112.14 ppg at NSC. They do return Connie (21.56 at HSNCT, 36.43 at NSC) and three players from their B team at HSNCT: Vikram (22.87), Rob (11.38) and Siddharth (10.71).

32. Walton (GA) – They lose Gazi (36.50 ppg at HSNCT, 92.86 ppg at NSC(!)) but return the rest of their A-team. Bouncing back is plausible, but they’ll need someone to step up and fill Gazi’s shoes.

31. Santa Monica (CA) – Their HSNCT team’s scoring was very evenly distributed – their high ppg person was Marino with 26.20, and their low were two players (Carlee and Sky) with 20.09 ppg. They lose Marino, but return Carlee, Sky and Max (24.45). If they can get a fourth to fill out the roster, they should be just as competitive as they were this past year.

Preseason High School Top 50: 50-41

#50 Minnetonka (MN) – The loss of Alex Friedman is going to significantly hurt this team. I’m assuming that Joe from the B team is active with the team this coming year, but he only played four games at HSNCT (averaging 20.45 ppg). Mike from the A team and Mitchell from the B team both return as well. Their ppb should be around 10, which is good enough for 50 on this list.

#49 Culver (IN) – They lose a 30 ppg at HSNCT from both their A and B teams, but return three players who each got around 15 ppg at the same time. They should be around 10 ppb this coming year at HSNCT.

#48 North Kansas City (MO) – Lead scorer Brandon (43.18 ppg) leaves, but Grant (34.09) is back. It’s hard to tell how they will perform with this loss, but they’ll be a force in Missouri.

#47 Ottawa Hills (OH) – They return their high HSNCT scorer Nirbhay (36.40 ppg), from a team that also had two scorers with just over 26 ppg each. Their ppb will likely drop with the graduation of John and Spencer, holding them back.

#46 Berkeley (CA) – Both Matt (36.65 ppg at HSNCT) and Kyle (21.7 ppg) return, which is a fairly high scoring one-two punch. The lack of an established third and fourth are troubling, though, plus a low ppb of 9.59 is holding them back.

#45 DeLaSalle (MN) – They return their top two scorers from HSNCT, Charlie (43.66 ppg) and Kelsey McCoy. They were a very two-person team last year and a 11.09 ppb is not the best.

#44 Bellaire (TX) – They return Jacob, who scored 47 ppg at NSC last year, and Jimmy (17.38). They did graduate a lot of talent, though.

#43 Providence Day (NC) – They get their top two scorers back in Michael (40.19 at HSNCT) and Cindy (16.82). They missed the playoffs by a win last year and averaged just 12.05 ppb, but hopefully they’ll be able to improve this.

#42 St. Mark’s (TX) – They return both Stewart (36.24 ppg) and Max from a HSNCT team that finished one win out of the playoffs last year and had a 15 ppb average. They do lose about 37 ppg, but should still be relevant.

#41 Brookwood (GA) – I’m unsure of what to do with Brookwood here. On the one hand, they lost a huge portion of their scoring at nationals last year. On the other, they do return a couple of players who put up ok numbers on good teams and have shown some promise at ACE camp. With Brookwood’s history of putting together top 20 teams, I’m going to guess and put them here despite a fair amount of uncertainity.

Preseason High School Top 50: Notes & Just Misses

Hello all,

I am preparing to announce my list of the top 50 teams for the 2009-10 season.

There is reason for these rankings to be inaccurate, as they only reflect a team’s performance at the NAQT HSNCT and/or the PACE NSC. If a team has a rising young player who did not attend either tournament, they would not be considered in the following rankings. Additionally, if a team was not able to attend the HSNCT or NSC, they would not be considered here either.

There is also the possibility that I gathered incorrect information regarding which players are returning and which are not. If I used incorrect information or omitted someone, I apologize.

Finally, it’s important to note that these rankings are indicative only of my personal research. They are not representative of any group that I am currently or at one time was affiliated with.

The following teams had really good teams last year, but have lost a lot of key players. Some have longer traditions of high levels of play than others, but all can reasonably be expected to drop off from last year’s level. That being said, it would not be shocking to see them perform well once more. In no particular order:

Walter Johnson (MD), James Monroe (VA), Gonzaga (DC), E. O. Smith (CT), St. John’s School (TX), Stow-Munroe Falls (OH), Shady Side (PA), Rappahannock County (VA), North Hollywood (CA), Cave Spring (VA), Half Hollow Hills West (NY), Rancho Bernardo (CA), New Trier (IL), Carbondale (IL), Chaska (MN), Flushing (MI), Wheaton Warrenville South (IL), Buffalo Grove (IL), Russell (KY), Troy (MI), East Brunswick (NJ), Grosse Point North (MI), Rockford Auburn (IL), Hoggard (NC), Rocky Mount (NC), Tippecanoe (OH)

Additionally, I considered these 14 teams for entry into the top 50 but for varying reasons (graduating players, low bonus conversion, etc.), they did not make the final list but deserve some mention for a returning player or two who either show promise or come back from a team that performed well last year. Once again, in no particular order:

Hopkins (MN), Edmond Santa Fe (OK), Ballard (KY), Lafayette (LA), Drummond (OK), Robinson (VA), South Range (OH), Bristow (OK), St. Viator (IL), Penn (IN), Edmond Memorial (OK), Newtown (CT), Glasgow (MO), Arcadia (CA), Moravian (PA), Robinson (VA), Temple (TX)

Additionally, there are two teams that I have heard good things about, but am holding off on ranking them for now.

First is James Island of South Carolina. I’m not sure of what type of talent level they are returning, and they haven’t played at HSNCT since 2007 and have never appeared at a NSC. Still, they are a team to watch for the future.

Second is Parkersburg High of West Virginia. They performed well at NAC, return their entire team (which is made up mostly of juniors) and appear willing to go to either the HSNCT and NSC. They remain untested for these rankings, but could appear in the future.

The 41st through 50th teams will be posted soon.

2009 Post-Season High School Quizbowl Poll

Congratulations to the Charter School of Wilmington for finishing the 2008-09 season as the #1 team in the country. With 21 ballots received from various members of the high school quiz bowl community, Charter received 17 first place votes after finishing first at both the NAQT HSNCT and PACE NSC.

State College Area High School finished second, with Paul M. Dorman High School third.

Complete results are as follows:

1. Wilmington Charter, 519 points, 17 first place votes
2. State College, 503 points, 2 first place votes
3. Dorman, 461 points, 2 first place votes
4. Maggie Walker, 458 points
5. Georgetown Day School, 457 points

6. Hunter, 429 points
7. Walter Johnson, 393 points
8. Rancho Bernardo, 350 points
9. Detroit Catholic Central, 339 points
10. Stow-Munroe, 305 points

11. Chattahoochee, 257 points
12. Detroit Country Day, 249 points
13. Thomas Jefferson, 231 points
14. Chaska, 230 points
15. Rockford Auburn, 229 points

16. Walton, 188 points
17. James Monroe, 186 points
18. Gonzaga, 185 points
19. Brookwood, 180 points
20. Southside, 109 points

21. Walt Whitman, 108 points
22. New Trier, 88 points
23. LASA, 72 points
24. Mission San Jose, 50 points
25. Bergen County, 48 points

Also receiving votes: Carbondale, 46 points; Dorman B, 38 points; Hoover, 27 points; Torrey Pines, 20 points; Hunter B, 12 points; State College B, 9 points; Ransom Everglades, 9 points; Dunbar, 8 points; Grosse Point North, 7 points; Walnut Hills, 7 points; Eden Prairie, 6 points; Johnson Central, 4 points; Kellenberg, 3 points; Raleigh Charter, 3 points; Ottawa Hills, 1 point; Arcadia, 1 point

Further details on the result will be found here in the near future.

College Poll Round One Results

The results of the college poll are in:

1. Brown
2. Chicago
3. Minnesota
4. Illinois
5. Stanford
6. Harvard
7. Dartmouth
8. Irvine
9. Maryland
10. MIT
11. Iowa
12. VCU
13. UCLA
14. Carleton
15. Missouri
16. Princeton
17. Michigan
18. USF
19. Georgia
20. CMU
20. UCSD
22. Virginia
22. Penn
22. Clemson
25. Florida State

Honorable Mention (received votes): Yale, Lawrence, Missouri S&T, Vanderbilt, Hampshire, Hunter College, Washington University in St. Louis, Berkeley, Florida, Truman State, Alabama, Swarthmore, UNC, Cornell, Williams, Toronto.

2008-09 Midseason High School Poll Results

Congratulations to the Charter School of Wilmington for finishing as the unanimous top team in this poll, receiving first place votes from all 15 voters. State College finished second, with Walter Johnson, Georgetown Day School and Dorman rounding out the top five. This is the second poll Charter has won, with the 2008-09 pre-season poll being the first.

For more information on the history of the poll, click here.

Detailed results, with ballot information, will be posted in the near future.

1. Charter School of Wilmington – 375 points (15 first place votes)
2. State College – 350 points
3. Walter Johnson – 333
4. Georgetown Day School – 322
5. Dorman – 307
6. Hunter – 306
7. Maggie Walker – 300
8. Gonzaga – 258
9. Thomas Jefferson – 250
10. New Trier – 183
11. Detroit Catholic Central – 182
12. Rockford Auburn – 172
13. Walt Whitman – 167
14. Brookwood – 142
15. Chaska – 122
16. Bergen – 121
17. Chattahoochee – 116
18. James Island – 108
19. Dunbar – 107
20. Rancho Bernardo – 87
20. Stow Munroe Falls – 87
22. Kellenberg – 78
23. Carbondale – 31
23. Southside – 31
25. Stuyvesant – 29

Also receiving votes: ASFA, 27; Hoover, 26; Raleigh Charter, 26; Blake, 23; Arcadia, 22; North Kansas City, 18; Eden Prairie, 17; LASA, 16; Loyola, 15; MLK Magnet, 15; James Monroe, 14; Shady Side, 14; Grosse Point North, 14; Minnetonka, 12; Detroit County Day, 10; Richard Montgomery, 8; Ransom Everglades, 8; Walnut Hills, 7; State College B, 7; Walton, 4; Santa Monica, 3; Charter B, 2; Cave Spring, 1; New Rochelle, 1

College Poll

This is a call for ballots for the first round of the annual quizbowl poll.  The next round will be a pre-nationals poll taken after Fake ICT. Here’s how it works: preferably after doing some research and evaluating statistics email me a list of what you believe to be the top 25 quizbowl programs, ranked in order from 1st to 25th. Note that I said programs; you may not include B teams in your rankings. I reserve the right to reject your ballot if it is wildly out of sync with the general national consensus, overly regional, or improper in some other way. If I reject your ballot, I will notify you and give you the opportunity to submit a new one. Ballots must be submitted to me at  ekwartler at gmail dot com by January 16th at 11:59 PM.