Round 11: Maryland vs. Berkeley

Some controversy on the first question on history.  For now, Bruce has a neg and Maryland picks it up.  Maryland 20-(-5).

Science to Berkeley.  20-15.

Jordan powers #3 and #4.  Maryland 80-15.

Weijia negs econ; Maryland 75-45.  Berkeley negs science; Ophir picks it up and Maryland 30s.  115-40.

Jordan powers lit.  At the end of #8, it’s 195-40.

Jordan gets history; we’re at 230-95 after #11.  Sam gets physics and Maryland leads at halftime 240-95.  There’s a potential 65-point swing pending on the protest.

The Viper first-lines history.  265-95.  Michael gets current events and Berkeley gets 10 on the bonus.

Another first-line by Jordan.  310-115 Maryland.  Aseem gets science.  310-135.

Berkeley is having buzzer malfunctions.  Time-out in order to get this straightened out.  We may have to throw out the most recent tossup; if we don’t, Maryland is up 330-135.

Yup, we’ll need to replay that tossup.  Back to 310-135.

New tossup #17, Jordan gets it.  330-135 again.

Michael powers geo and Berkeley gets 0 on the bonus.  They’re still in it, barely.

Jordan powers #19 on fine arts.  355-150.  Sam powers #20 and Maryland has clinched.  Jordan again on #21, Maryland up 430-150.

Final score of 430-200 to Maryland.