Stanford vs. McGill.

Tossup #1 on geography.  Akhil gets it for 10.  McGill 20-0.

Stephen powers myth.  Stanford 35-20.

Derek gets lit on #3.  McGill 40-35.

Stephen negs history; McGill can’t pick it up.  Stephen negs physics; Akhil picks it up.  McGill 70-25.

Archaeology tossup goes dead.  Daniel gets a science tossup.  After 8, McGill leads by 105.

Kyle gets tossup #10 and they are rewarded with a video games bonus.  McGill 130-85.

McGill powers lit on #12 and gets 10 on the bonus.  At the half, it’s McGill 155-110.

Stephen gets classical history on #13.  Zero on the bonus.  Akhil negs biology; Stephen picks it up.  We are all tied up at 150.

Stephen gets current events.  180-150.  He then powers architecture.

And now a lit tossup by Stephen!  5 in a row.  In the spirit of things that were things in HS (or college), Stephen is- dare I say it- en fuego.  245-150.

Stanford is pulling away as McGill negs.  285-145.

#19 goes dead, but Benji powers #20.  315-145.

Nathan gets #21.  That’s game.  345-145.

And Stephen powers the last tossup to end an excellent second half.  430-145 Stanford.