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QANTA vs. Humans: Round 3

Jordan Boyd-Graber is giving the audience some details about QANTA.  We’ll probably start in 10 minutes or so.  I believe the players defending the honor of humanity are Auroni Gupta, Ophir Lifshitz, Jennie Yang, and Virginia Ruiz.

Jennie was a good HS quizbowl player for Fremd HS in Illinois.   Virginia is a former community college player for Valencia Community College.

Ophir was a key support player for Jordan “The Viper” Brownstein in their recent ACF Nationals-winning campaign.

And the star of the team, Auroni.   Mrs. Gupta is one of the best active players and has won NAQT ICT with Michigan.   Any team with Auroni is automatically going to be pretty good.

We’re off!  A power from Ophir and two from Auroni gets the humans off to a great start.

QANTA negs!  Auroni picks up lit.  Humans are up 55-(-5)

Another 10 for Auroni.  He negs, QUANTA gets on the board.  60-5.

QANTA powers science.  60-20.  QANTA follows with an early science neg.  Surely the humans can pick it up.  Ophir does.

QANTA negs philosophy.  It’s buzzing in really early.  Auroni picks it up.  80-10 humans.

An art neg for the humans that QANTA converts.  75-20.

QANTA powers lit.  Dylan Minarik, one of last year’s computer conquerors, calls timeout and runs up to the stage to give Auroni his hat.

Another power for QANTA.    Virginia responds by powering trash.

QANTA powers history.  90-65 humans.

QANTA negs science, Auroni picks it up.

A very impressive Euro history power by QANTA!  And another science power.  100-90 humans.

QANTA powers history and takes the lead for the first time!  Jennie powers current events.

QANTA powers history.   Ophir responds with a music power.

QANTA powers lit off the first five words!  The power of the computer in identifying quotes is clear.

QANTA negs geography.  Auroni picks it up.

Auroni negs!  QANTA retakes the lead, 140-135.

Auroni powers twice!  QANTA then negs myth.   Mrs. Gupta power-rebounds.

QANTA powers history.  180-150 humans.

Science and history powers by QANTA.  All tied up with 10 left.

QANTA powers science again!  It’s up 15.

It’s now 205-195 QANTA.  QANTA negs Tossup 34,  Auroni picks it up.  Humans up 205-200.

QANTA powers #36.  It’s up 25 points with 4 questions left.

QANTA powers trash!  It’s really improved.

With two tossups left,  QANTA has locked it up.  It powers #39 for emphasis.

Auroni powers the final tossup, but QANTA defeats the humans 260-215!
What a great victory for Jordan Boyd-Graber, his team, and QANTA.   QANTA has made great strides with trash- previously a topic that the humans had a stranglehold on.   It also seems to have gotten a lot better at current events.  Who will face it next year?   Will they bring back last year’s computer-conquerors Rob Carson and Dylan Minarik?  Will panicked humans send out a distress call for the Viper and the Mukherjesus?  Can Matts Bollinger and Jackson be persuaded to come out of retirement to focus their legendary rage-spite on a new target?