Yale vs. Northwestern.

At the request of Eric Mukherjee, I’m here to see whether Northwestern’s slipper still fits.  If they beat Yale, they’ll be playing on the big stage.  In the other key game, Michigan plays Stanford to try to finish the playoff rounds still unbeaten.

Dylan says “We didn’t even have a hype video!”

Max starts Northwestern off with a geo tossup.  American history bonus; Northwestern 30-0.

Isaac gets CE for 10.  Yale gets 20 on RMP.

Another geo tossup.  Max negs, Jacob picks it up.  Yale 50-25.

Adam S. powers bio!  They get a bio bonus for 30.

Isaac negs lit!  Adam S. picks it up for 10.  Northwestern gets 10 on the bonus to go up 90-45.

Dylan gets art.  100-45.  Jacob .  100-65.

Jacob negs lit when he can’t pull the title.  Northwestern can’t convert.

Stephen gets physics.  Greg gets the next tossup, and Northwestern leads 125-100 at the half.

Tossup 12, geo again.  Dylan powers!  Lit bonus for 10.

Dylan gets lit for 10.  Physics bonus.  20.  Northwestern up by 80.

Adam gets social science.  10 on the art bonus.  200-100 Northwestern.

Chem tossup to Adam Silverman!  Northwestern is rolling.  Can Yale break their momentum?  If Northwestern didn’t get only 10s on three bonuses…

Adam S. negs history.  Yale picks it up.

Tossup 17, literature.  Adam S. gets it.  20 on a TV bonus.  235-120.

Adam F. powers RMP.  10 on a math bonus.  History next.

Isaac negs it.  Dylan picks it up, and Northwestern begins stalling the geo bonus.  Adam and Dylan pull 30!

Isaac gets a tossup and is rewarded with a trash bonus.

Trash tossup, Greg gets it.  Northwestern gets 30.  I think they’ve clinched with 3 left.  315-170.

Adam F. negs lit, Max picks it up.  And that’s game!  355-170!

Supposedly, Michigan lost!  That’d give Northwestern a 1-game final against Michigan!