2015 VCU Novice

College question set

Season primarily used: 2015-2016

A College novice tournament written and edited by current and former members of the VCU team.

Minor variations from the ACF distribution include 1/1 World Lit + "Other" Lit, 1/1 Chemistry, 1/1 Social Science + Philosophy, 1/1 Geography + Current Events, 1/1 Trash. Each packet is 21/21, including a tiebreaker tossup that is academic in nature.

The mirror fee for VCU Novice is $6 per player. Hosts are allowed to charge up to $20 per player.

Tournaments using this set

Saturday September 12, 2015

Saturday September 26, 2015

  • VCU Novice @ uWaterloo at University of Waterloo College tournament in Ontario, Canada
  • VCU Novice at UMD College tournament in College Park, Maryland
  • VCU Novice at Carnegie Mellon College tournament in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Saturday October 03, 2015

Saturday October 10, 2015

Saturday October 31, 2015

Saturday February 20, 2016

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