2023 Special Interest and Chris Knowledge Packet

College one-off packet

Difficulty: Medium ●●

Season primarily used: 2023-2024

The distribution is as follows:
10/10 trash
2/2 film/tv
2/2 music
1/1 video games / internet
5/5 other
3/3 history
3/3 literature
2/2 fine arts
1/1 religion
1/1 socsci/phil

All academic questions aimed for somewhere around Medium difficulty, maybe a little bit harder.

This packet was written primarily by myself, Christopher Dech, of Brandeis Quiz Bowl. A special thanks to Eli Issokson and Prof. Sreenivasan for their input and advice. And a truly special thanks to Jason Diana Gross for the idea in the first place.

For all inquiries and questions or complaints, please email cdech@brandeis.edu

This entry is owned by Chris Dech.