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2024 Cooper's Ultimate Leader Tossups

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Difficulty: Nationals ●●●●

Subjects: History

Season primarily used: 2023-2024

A world history set all about the 20th century’s lesser known (ergo more interesting) presidents, prime ministers, dictators, etc. Superpowered tossups (30-20-10) and bonuses.

The 50 tossups and bonuses have been separated into a "prelim" and "finals" packet of 25/25 each based on difficulty. In each packet, there are two horizontal lines, one that appears after TU12 (halfway) and another after TU24 to separate the end of the packet from the tiebreaker.

Representing over 100 countries, the distribution is as follows:

6/6 Africa
5.5/5.5 Asia
5/5 Europe
3/3 North America
3/3 South America
1.5/1.5 Oceania
1/1 tiebreaker

This entry is owned by Cooper Roh.