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Tournament location

2018 Sparta Fall Tournament

High school tournament on October 27, 2018

Host location: Sparta High School

Address: 8520 State Highway 14 East, Sparta, Missouri 18

Question Set: (2) 2018 WHAQ III: Miami Vice

Field cap: 18 teams

Rebounding bonus. No powers, no negs, golden tossup in event of overtime.

Entry information

Team entry fees per school

  • Team 1: $65
  • Team 2 and subsequent teams: $60 each

Other fees

  • Pre-paid Lunch Tickets: $5


  • Buzzer discount: -$5 per working buzzer system (limit 2)
  • Distance discount: -$10 per 100 miles traveled one-way (limit 1)
  • Staff discount: -$5 (limit 2)

Additional entry information

Register via Google Forms: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczUQyBXSPlj1prVQUX9gAQDZFahQZone66R_ViOmoVli6gfA/viewform

Teams from outside Missouri are welcome; however, owing to the MSHSAA sanctioning process, out-of-state teams should register by September 24th.

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