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Mary Persons Bulldog Open

High school tournament on September 21, 2019

Host location: Mary Persons High School

Address: 25A Brooklyn Avenue, Forsyth, Georgia 31029

Question Set: The Scottie

Field cap: 24 teams

Good afternoon everyone! I wanted to let you know that the Mary Persons Academic Team will be hosting a mirror of the SCOTTIE on Saturday, September 21, as a tune-up for the GATA Fall tournament the following weekend.

Event Address: 25A Brooklyn Avenue, Forsyth, GA 31029 (directly behind the Board of Education at the Mary Persons Freshman Campus).

We're soft capping the field at 24 teams. I may be able to increase that to 28 depending on the attendance. I will take requests for Varsity and JV, but we need to have at least 8 of each division. Lunch will be off campus. A maximum of 2 teams per school will be accepted. I will update the field here and send out an e-mail the weekend before the tournament.

Here's the link to the form to register: https://forms.gle/D8RG75p7v3E7qBqs5

We will charge $70 per team as a base fee. We will deduct $10 for a dedicated adult reader (1 for a discount---you're welcome to bring more) and $5 for functional buzzer systems (2 maximum----only need 10 for the tournament, so the first people to register their teams will get the buzzer discount). The minimum fee charged will be $50 if all other discounts are met. I will e-mail you back an invoice.

Field update as of 9/15:

Varsity (12):

Chattahoochee (2)
Eastside (2)
Jasper County
Johns Creek
Mary Persons
Oak Mountain

Junior Varsity (4):

Johns Creek
Mary Persons

Contact us at 478.719.2426 or trey.bernard@mcschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.



Entry information

Team entry fees per school

  • Base fee per team: $70
  • Team limit: 2 teams per school


  • Buzzer discount: -$5 per working buzzer system (limit 2)

Additional entry information

  • Minimum fee per team: $50

We will also offer a worker discount for one dedicated adult worker for $10 off.

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