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2022 Mexico Bulldog Fall Fiesta (BFF) Novice Division

High school tournament on October 22, 2022

Host location: Mexico High School

Address: 639 N Wade, Mexico, Missouri

Question Set: 2022 KICKOFF Novice

Field cap: 12 teams

Powers, no negs, rebounding bonus
Golden Tossup in the event of overtime, indicated by one Lightning Round point.
Roster restriction in place: All freshmen are eligible to compete in the novice division. All sophomores are eligible to compete in the novice division, with the exception of players who averaged at least 20 points per game at HSNCT, SSNCT, or NSC. Juniors and seniors may compete in the novice division if they have not competed at a quiz bowl contest at the high school level prior to October 1st, 2022.

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