CA Quizbowl Championship -- Santa Monica Regional (3/1/14)

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CA Quizbowl Championship -- Santa Monica Regional (3/1/14)

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HSAPQ, in conjunction with the California Quizbowl Championship Association, is pleased to announce our California regional tournament at Santa Monica High School on Saturday, March 1, 2014! The top 2 teams from this tournament will qualify for the California Quizbowl Championship at Fresno State on April 5.

Both the regional events and the California Quizbowl Championship will use HSAPQ’s 8-8-8 format: a first and third period of 8 powermarked tossups followed by a one-part bonus read to the team which correctly answers the tossup, and a second period of 8 directed bonus parts, 4 for each team. This format is designed to provide quicker-moving games to keep new teams engaged, piquing their interest in quizbowl and drawing them to regular local events.

To register or find out more information, please visit!
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